Take a look in your mailbox, oh you lovers of the Adam Android tablet that are expecting them to arrive soon, as they do seem to be popping up all over the place today. You’ll be so happy when you get yours, and we’d just love to hear your unboxing story when you get it. One individual went so far as to hug the delivery man when he got his in the UK.

A mister Shane Trafford is the owner of the box you see above. This unboxing of course comes after the so-called “official” unboxing as done by Notion Ink itself, seen back over here if you care to take a peek. One thing we have been hearing from fans is that the software update that’s waiting on your tablet when you receive it might not work exactly correctly. Users are reporting that the update doesn’t quite download all the way, and unknown repercussions are taking place.

Have you gotten your Adam yet? Did the update work for you? Take a peek at the “Notion Ink Error?” thread in the forums to trade feedback.

On a related note – have any of you finalists from the Logo Contest received your “deep discount” yet?

[Via Slashgear]

  • Guesst

    I think NI is owned by Apple and Steve Jobs has taken time off to stabilize NI products. What say you all ?

  • jayesh patel

    india is a backward 3rd world dump, what else would you expect to be excreted by them??

    • patrick

      @jayesh patel

      i am sure that is not your real name, but let me tell you something your king of idiots does not know anything about computers except browsing…just google the names pranav mistry, vinod khosla,narayana murthy,asim premji….etc…the names i have given here are tip of iceberg…i don’t thing people like you can be taught respect…but i would like android community not to publish comments from people of your catagory

    • Deepak

      oh really???????

  • henry p

    well… i got my adam and was frustrated with how slow and buggy everything was so i updated. so i am here to warn you all to not update since notion inks definition of update actually means bricking their crappy tablet. do yourselves a favor and dont buy the notion ink adam, it worked more like a cheap chinese ripoff tablet than a cutting edge fast tablet while it did work. I wouldnt trust anything this company tries sell.

  • seabeetodd

    I see from notioninkfan.com that NI has already send out fixes for the problem and people are already getting back up and running.

  • @Jayesh
    It is extremely distressing to see you calling India a 3rd world dump. I don’t know where you live (I live in the UK) and where you come from, but it is safe to presume that your education hasn’t taught you even an iota of etiquette. Just speak to one of your fellow Gujarati named Pranav Mistry. He will teach you a thing or two on how to communicate maintaining etiquette.

  • Magnus

    To jayesh patel: How dare you! (I’m hyperventilating right now). Seriously, those are very ignorant and hurtful words (BTW, i’m not from India). I say give Notion Ink a chance before writing it off.
    It’s unfortunate that they’re having these problems but teething problems are bound to happen, I think what’s important is how quickly and effectively they address these issues.

  • Rajhans

    jayesh patel – Shame on you for calling India is a backward 3rd world dum

  • Rakshit


    You are a mouthpiece of shit.

  • Disgruntled

    Can’t say anything about the logo finalists, but EAP 2 companies STILL haven’t had so much as an email from NI, let alone hardware.

    Rohan is burning bridges all over the place.

  • O.o

    jayesh patel, STFU.

    remember LL Bean? ya their first product was a complete disaster, look where they are now… why? because they worked through the problems and created a great product. Give em a chance before you bash em, and i also note that it seems that within hours, Notion Ink has taken action to fix the problem

  • Within just a few hours, in the middle of the night (in India where NI is based), the NI team put together an easy-to-follow plan to alleviate this issue. One of the forums they sent it to is: http://www.notioninkfan.com/
    And, cut these guys some slack, hands down the Adam stomps ANYTHING on the tablet market and does so ahead of Google even releasing their Android “tablet” OS. Notion Ink stepped up and made it’s customers happy in the middle of the night, when large corporations wouldn’t even know they have a problem until 9AM the next day !

  • george

    u guys actually think jayesh patel is jayesh patel. ‘it’ is more likely a skinhead that is pissed off that gods left testicle(read steve jobs) couldnt put together a unit as slick as the adam.

    but sure NI will take a few more months to sort out all issues

    also think of it this way – if their very first product managed to break barriers that the biggies couldnt, what could be on its way – i think these guys are here to stay