Let’s begin this story all the way back on November 6th, 2010. There was a contest regarding the Logo for the system, and the top ten entrants were listed, with a note near the end of the entry saying: “All 43 entries will enjoy a steep discount, so keep an eye on your mail box.” Sounds totally awesome, right? Maybe not so awesome if that promise never comes to fruition! It is now right in the midst of shipping pre-orders for this lovely tablet and reports are coming in of no contact being given regarding this matter at all. No discount, no tablet. Take a peek at one such account below.

A mister Anon, mysteriously enough, sent a mail to our tips box this morning warning of a lack of response on the part of NI:

After the logo contest Rohan had promised a steep discount for
logo participants. (http://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/week-end-mini-special/) A promise that has since then been unfulfilled and Rohan/NI seem content on ignoring the question. (example: http://notionink.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/delayed/comment-page-4/#comment-81265)

Hoping you can bring this to light to either force NI to talk about it
or show NI isn’t trustworthy.

That comment can be seen here:

What do you think? Are you one of the people involved in this situation? Have you gotten a bigtime discount? Let us know!

  • punjab patel

    anyone that thinks a decent product will come out of india is an idiot.

    get ready to be disappointed people, and to the blind followers you deserve the inferior indian/chinese crap that you will receive if you do get anything from these swindlers.

  • Scott


    I really don’t see how race has anything to do with this.

  • Rob

    I am not sure about India, but considering it is made in China, just like everything else electronic, I am not sure what you are comparing it to.
    I know Amish makes nice furniture right here in the US, but I don’t want them carving me an ADAM… Wow..

  • zaggle

    The UK’s national dish is now curry, yum…

  • Chris Burns

    This comment thread got weird quick…

  • Uprooted

    LOL @punjab patel — thanks for the honesty!

  • gecko


    UK curry is awful, made from ground, dusty spices, a parody of the vibrant multifarious dishes it purports to imitate. And everybody knows it.

  • Chris Burns

    Everybody who loves it knows it.

  • All you have to do is check out the blog post at http://www.notionink.com to see pictures of Adams received thru shipping from Hong Kong, which is apparently where they will ship to us from (if you had the foresight to pre-order πŸ™‚ ). This thing stole the show at CES, so I don’t know where the negativity comes from. And, it’s disgusting to put down an entire country or its people. Man, most of the cardiologists I see on staff at my hospital in the US are of Indian nationality, and knowing how extremely smart and capable they are when they reach our shores gives me great confidence in trusting my life (potentially) to them.
    Additionally, I personally work with many people of Indian nationality and I have found them day in, and day out to be among the nicest, smartest, and most respectful individuals I’ve ever known. And, they have curry down to a science πŸ™‚

  • Charles

    I do hope they address this soon. They’ve already had too many PR hiccups, they don’t need another one.

  • Arun

    @Punjab Patel you seem to be some guy kicked out of NI :). You are so pissed in life that you want to hide your real name…

  • glenn

    Your assuming that this guy is trustworthy and questioning NI.

    NI have been questioned and harassed constantly over their little Adam product, (I think because its hit a nerve with many fruit owners) the simple fact is that its only just left the factory, if they weren’t so open with their production details you wouldn’t even know (like Motorola with the Xoom) you would just get a q12011 press release.

    unfortunately the more information you give people the more they question you.

  • Rao

    I am guess, giving discount to 43 tablets is hardly a big deal. It will happen, but right now with so many things in the pipeline to get the product out. IT might not be their top priority.
    @Punjab Patel The quality of a product hardly depends on country or race.A bunch of hard working, smart and driven people can get a fantastic product out anywhere.
    Just like sending senseless messages is not limited to your state or people.

  • Charles


    Its been over a month since pre-order(and when they were initially questioned on the NI blog about the discount). I’ve seen it show up occasionally on the blog (I believe send2dev has asked a few times). In the tip showing a commenters post we can see a logo contestant who has repeatedly tried contacting NI through comments and email and received nothing in return.