Notion Ink Adam Clears FCC, Ships Wednesday

January 15, 2011

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Check it out - Rohan has word that the FCC has cleared the Adam Android tablet, and will be posting that clearance today or Monday. This they say means they'll be able to start printing (labels?) Monday and start shipping on Wednesday. If you'd like to search for the tablet in the FCC you can search with NI3421A01 as the Product Code, Guarantee Code: Y2G and  0020356499 as FNR.

There's a bit of a story behind the code that I'll just reproduce here because Rohan says it better:

There is a small story behind the product code (assigned by Notion Ink). It reads NI3421A01. NI stands for Notion Ink and A01 is Adam 1 series. 3421 are consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series. We can trace the number down to NI0000A01 (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421). This would mean that the final Adam you will receive is the 9th iteration! Behind every version and number there is either a very beautiful or sad story. For examples the 1308 version was in May last year when the investor issue started.

Rohan also notes that they're definitely working with some sort of "BIG Media group" that'll allow them to get "LOTS of content for you" including music, videos, books, and magazines (along with Comics with LBX). -- Does this mean this stuff will be free on the device? That'd be weird.

He goes on to say that the 2nd pre-order has no started because they're waiting for deliveries in the USA and Europe.

[Via Notion Ink]

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  • Can’t wait to get my hand son it!

  • Rohan Shravan

    Bollocks, I say. Don’t tell people to go searching for codes that you cannot find yourself. Looser.

  • punjab patel

    this will just be another failure for india, reinforcing the well established fact that it will always be a corrupt and backward third world country. pathetic to see them churning out chinese crap and labeling it as their own.