The Nook Tablet is no stranger to CyanogenMod. In the past we have seen builds for the tablet, and as of today we have word of an unofficial CM10.1 build for the Nook. And for those of you who have stuck with the stock ROM and are now ready to make the jump to custom ROMs — as you will be going from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, this will be a big jump. That said, read on to find out a bit more about this release.

This build is based off of CM10.1 (Android 4.2), though, it has been released by developer Kuzma30 as opposed to coming directly from CyanogenMod. Regardless though, if you are rocking a Nook Tablet and looking to get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean installed, this is likely the path you will choose.

According to the details we are seeing, this release brings a ROM that has “many of the most important features” working. Some of those include the lock screen widgets along with the notification and settings pull-down menu and the updated keyboard. Also noted was support for Wi-Fi Direct as well as deep sleep and multiple user profiles.

In terms of not working items, it was said that the microphone is not working and that video can be hit or miss. Brad Linder from Liliputing took this ROM for a test drive and found that Netflix and the YouTube app worked (after a reboot) however the audio and video were not perfectly synced up. Bottom line here, this release looks decent enough, but as always — take caution when installing and make sure you go in knowing there may be some quirks.

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[via xda developers]

  • Osman Musa

    The 4.2 build is too unstable to use, wifi seldom works it auto-reboots frequently and there is no sign of a keyboard anywhere, no onscreen keyboard at all so its literally useless, i’ve used the stable Cyanogenmod Jellybean 4.1.2 build by Hash which is available on the xda site which is waaay better than the 4.2 cyanogenmod and perfect and now my nook has more features and is faster smoother and more free thank god i’m not limited to the crappy android os that came with the nook. Both kindle fire and nook lockscreens have advertisements and junk so rooting and flashing your own android os is a beautiful thing to do.

    • I’m running Cyanogenmod Jellybean 4.1.2 by SGT7, Cherry Picks, and meghd00t. It works so much better and faster on my Nook Tablet 16gb than the 4.2.1 Mod. You is completely correct and accurate about 4.2.1.

      • shahid

        from where can i download

    • Can you provide a link