We have some potentially awesome news to share with you all this Friday afternoon. While it might be a little premature, Nokia could in fact finally be realizing they should have gone with Android — the best mobile OS in the world. New reports are surfacing today that Nokia is looking to hire some new “principle software engineers” and many think this could finally be their arrival into the world of Android.

A job posting has appeared on LinkedIn by Nokia looking for a software engineer but it’s the fine details that have many excited about the job posting. It reads: “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware at Nokia” and then is followed by “job will be to oversee the development of embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products.” That last bit being the important part.

As you all know and many including Gizmodo are pointing out, Android is based off of a Linux kernel at its core — and we all know what Windows Phone uses. This is truly exciting as Nokia has some of the most amazing hardware in the business. Well if you ask me of course. We’ve heard Nokia talk about a backup plan before if Windows Phone doesn’t succeed or work out as well as hoped. While those predictions were bold — Could this be the first step?

At this point MeeGo is basically all but dead. A few other Linux-based operating systems are supposedly in the works by Samsung but it doesn’t make sense for Nokia to jump on that sinking ship. The only logical thing here is either some of Nokia’s awesome apps for Android, or they will indeed take the jump we’ve all been waiting for and try their hand at the world of Android smartphones. Hopefully Nokia’s new Linux expert gets cracking on some Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean goodness and they release a phone in due time.

Who’s excited about this idea? Share your thoughts below.

  • Could be Meego also

    • Meeeego.. doubtful but yea

    • Iucidium

      You mean Jolla

  • Nokia Lumia with Android 5.0 + Harmattan / Meego UI.. Bring it!

  • james911

    You just make Nokia ugly with Android. Why entertain a messy interface. The fandroids are dreaming again. Lol

    • GS65

      Symbian is a bit messy as well so Nokia has experice in that field… But imagine Swipe UI on android. I’m sure you can hide a lot of the ugly stuff. Today in the subway I sat beside one iPhone user, one Lumia user and a HTC/Android user. It struck me that HTC sense is outright ugly, iPhone is starting to look a bit dated as well and WP is almost to clean, on the edge of being boring. I still think my N9 looks best. But hardware and no apps makes it obsolete. 920 with Android with Swipe UI. Would get it in a blink.

      • james911

        You’ve just sat in a subway with 3 different phones which I owned too after I had the N9, and you have guts to tell me Android deserve a blink? I just use my S3 to protect my butt while sitting in a dirty subway. Lol

      • hpdirty


      • wdiggums

        another person who supposedly buys all the top devices out with no contract i see. how is your iphone 5?

    • what are doing in android forum dear “troll” windows fanatic ..? listen one thing money fo M$ cant buy every opinion…people are getting techy and wise these days,,freedom of linux and opensource will be the next sky inevitably…

  • Guest

    Oops, they removed it!? Myriam Joire thought that bringing Here to Android was also an indication. Is this Nokias way to thank MS for making HTC “the Windows Phone” and developing a surface phone?

  • Just to point out Jolla is also made with the linux kernel.

  • Ex-Insider

    Sorry to burst the bubble. It not an Android… It is most likely for the so called “Krakatoa” Linux-based smartphone platform. And it is neither Meego nor Meltemi.

  • sigisigi

    I Smell webOS 😉

  • No.

  • Nokia if you make fast hot looking android phone with on screen buttons.. take my money!

  • Michael King

    Firefox OS is another possibility, the html5 phone is based on Linux a low resourse OS for emerging markets. Maybe Nokia are thinking of using it on their cheaper phones

    • You seriously consider Firefox OS is a “OS” worth building?

    • no thats not possible for nokia now as they need a push from some popular OS like android,,,they made 3 billion $ lose this year.,…read some business journals too…

  • Eloy Sanchez

    For starters connecting with G+ is such a nice change from all the other site

    Let’s hope Nokia makes a bold move uses stock and creates a highly optimized launcher and manage to become not only top in hardware but able to maintain a better software than current players

  • Finally!

  • skeletor54

    Damn!! A nokia lumia with android?? Shut up and take my money!!!

  • If Nokia make a flagship phone with anything besides WP8, I’ll buy it. Nokia Nexus, yes.

    Meego isn’t “all but dead”, c’mon. It’s alive and kicking. Google “Jolla”.

  • suparag

    I have no idea why Nokia went with loser phone Windows OS, even with price cut they cannot breakthrough the Android/IOS juggernaut. They have to adapt to reality or fade to obscurity.

  • droidman101

    Could be Tizen. Or Firefox’s mobile OS. Or BB10.

  • droov

    Or.. . they’re just developing an android app.

  • AlexanderLong

    Actually I would not want nokia to head to android at all, android is just kinda too cheap for the nokia brand. I assume they might get a Linux based low profile phones to replace their dumb phone area.

  • Patrick Henry de Dios

    omg omg omg.

    I’m so hoping that Nokia jumps to the Android armada. This could save their sinking ship.

  • Angry Fran

    I left Nokia after the N8, I believe a friend of mine owned an HTC Incredible S and I was teased and tantalized by it’s friendly usability…but moreso, the Apps. I never understood why Nokia didn’t have what all the hipsters on the iPhones were enjoying. So I jumped ship to HTC. after finally enjoying the HTC EVO 3D for a while the Galaxy Note was announced and I was in love with phones again. Currently on a Galaxy Note II, I will go no where until another 5.5″ phone with something slightly better is released. If Nokia did indeed go to Android and make a 5.5″ or bigger screen phone with their amazing cameras then I will return to Nokia….but until then, they’re the CDs of phones. Everyone laughs at Nokia.

  • menarik kalau emang iya

  • miguel martinez

    Nokia is making the next Nexus device… Picture that. Is the $1 billion Microsoft paid them to keep away from Android not enough? I didn’t think so. Bad business deal. They have gained nothing otherwise. Welcome to Android!

  • There is no reason for Nokia to stick with one OS only. All their competitor release phones for multiple OS. The decision to do only W7-8 phones was a dumb one.

  • Apart from a decent camera, the fatboy Lumia 920 slab doesn’t do anything for me, it is so 2011 baby! Nokia build quality is now no better than its rivals, which is to be expected as they are made made in the same Asian factories. One thing is for sure, Ballmer is getting the lube ready for Nokia, with the rumored launch of the Surface Phone, cuckold Elop can’t wait for him to go balls deep in Nokia’s ass(ets).

  • Read my lips: Google Nexus 5 by Nokia…. After they announced their partnership with Microsoft, didn’t it take about 6 months or so to release a Windows Phone device? Right on schedule for the next Nexus announcement.

  • ilovelumiadroid

    They will make android os with f****** symbian belle/anna user interface!!!

  • monsto


    I HATE Nokia . . . not like one hates Apple or WalMart, but like one hates an ex-gf/wife. I was sooo pumped to get the N8 2 years ago, only to discover within a couple weeks that it was already dead. That was a phone that had all kinds of promise thanks to the hardware, but software wise was completely worthless. I returned it when i had the chance and well before the windows announcement in february, but it still pisses me off to this day.

    Nokia shit out 2 great pieces of hardware that were DOA and everyone knew it. I mean everyone. Even fanboi had a hard task trying to put lipstick on that pig. And now, after another 2 year experiment with Windows, they want to try this?

    Horse shit. They’d better develop flashes and distros for the N8/N9 to bring those users up to date to try and welcome back all those users that tried to stick it out. Otherwise, they may as well just fold up their tents.

  • Islam Abou Tabl

    If Nokia wants to get back it’s leadership in over all other mobile phone producers then android is the best option

  • Nilesh Kr

    awsom all market down now

  • Mikael “MMN-o” Nordfeldth

    Actually, Jolla (startup by the Meego-folks from Nokia who got laid off) is working on a Meego-successor called Sailfish OS. They announced pretty videos on the Slush conference late November! Check it out, as they run a GNU/Linux environment instead of the handicapped Android stuff: http://jolla.com/ and https://sailfishos.org/

  • Wishful thinking!!!

  • Perfect World = Nokia hardware, Android OS

    • samsung hardware is much better dude…

      • Stop smoking crack. Nokia’s build quality shits all over Samsungs.

  • Akbar Khan

    Maybe the Nokia HERE app for Android

    • Yes, you have common sense!, the other posters are in ignorant noob land

      • they clearly mentioned in linked-In post about their “exciting new device”….please read well wise friend,.,,

      • I can read and spell, unlike yourself, it clearly mentioned PRODUCTS not devices!!!, lol noob. Even Nokia has clarified that this is for their software services, not an Android phone.

        “job will be to oversee the development of embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products.”

        Do you have to try to be so stupid, or does it run in the family?, maybe the Doctor at your birth took exception to your ugly face, and attempted to save the world of your stupidity by rapidly shaking you?

  • So, Android is now the only reason to hire a Linux programmer?

  • This has nothing to do with the Android OS coming to Nokia – its a pipe dream, nothing more. A lot of people love Windows Phone 8 and it shows as many of the Lumia phones are selling out. Besides Nokia’s CEO was a former VP at Microsoft, and Nokia+Windows is gaining traction. While it’s true that Nokia also has other irons in the fire, Android is not one of them.

    Before Nokia’s OS deal with Microsoft, Nokia’s stock was in the toilet, trading at around $1. Since the release of the new Lumia line up, their stock is now up to nearly $4.