No Verizon LTE Phones this year, most manufactures ready for 2011 launches

November 12, 2010

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In some disappointing news hitting the net this morning, it seems Verizon will not be launching any 4G LTE handsets this year to utilize their upcoming network. We have heard multiple rumors about the upcoming Olympus from Motorola, Incredible HD from HTC, and Elite from Samsung hitting shelves sometime this year or early next year, but it seems that only the latter will be true as no 4G devices will be made available this year.

We know that we will sill many 4G Verizon phones at CES this coming January but as far as actual launch dates go, we do not know much. This is only a rumor with some evidence behind it so it should not be taken as fact. Hopefully it's false and we will be enjoying Android 4G on Verizon before years end!

[Via DroidLife]

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  • William Emmett

    Since Verizons 4G (LTE) is a totally different type of signal, new phones will have to be in service before the system can be used at all. Verizon has only data network cards available. My current plan, and carrier have expired. I will not renew my carriers contract, nor phone until 4G for phone is up and running, or a date of issue of a new phone is on the horizon.