Nike+ FuelBand SE unveiled, will arrive without support for Android

October 15, 2013

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Nike does have a few Android apps available, however that doesn't seem to be any indication that FuelBand support will ever arrive. In fact, the Nike+ FuelBand SE was announced earlier this morning and while it will have a companion app available, said app will only be found in the iOS App Store. Basically, Nike has once again looked past Android for their fitness bracelet.

This new model FuelBand brings some updated features. The band is now water resistant, which should help ease the minds of those being caught out in a heavy downpour. Not to mention, those who sweat heavily while using the band for the intended purpose -- working out. In addition, Nike has also improved things making it a bit harder to cheat and has added several new activities.

The FuelBand SE connects to the iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low-Energy) which should also go to help the battery life of both the bracelet and your smartphone. Anyway, the release of the FuelBand SE without Android support is not really any surprise. Nike had made things official way back in February when they announced they were "not working on an Android app" by way of the official @NikeSupport Twitter account.

Without getting into specifics in terms of numbers, Android makes up for a rather large portion of the smartphones being sold today. Not to mention, tablets. That being said, support for fitness bracelets is not all that great on Android as a whole. Arguably, one of the bigger is Fitbit and they only support a handful of Samsung devices.

Bottom line here, while we had previously heard Nike was not working on an Android app, the FuelBand SE being announced without Android support should be enough to put any remaining hope to rest. Anyway, Nike has FuelBand SE pre-orders open today with an expected shipping date of November 6.

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  • RSerda

    Wonder how much Apple PAID them to do THAT!?!

  • fyrfyter

    One exclusive deal. I like how Apple is the mouth for Nike. One exclusive deal only lands you 50% of the customers you could have! This probably also has to deal with Tim Cook sitting on Nike’s board. Probably why I don’t buy Nike stuff. Moving on!

  • K.Washington

    Ya’ll can argue all you want. The moral of the story is, Android is not getting Nike Fuelband Support, maybe nike leant a thing or two about the low ratings they get for they’re Nike+ app due to incompatibly with the cheap plastic Androids out there.

    Meanwhile here in London PinkLady has just done a half marathon running two Apps at the same time on my iPhone 5S, in fact 3: Nike+, Argus and Spotify. 100% Battery came back with 74%. That’s whats called effeciency and that’s why I pay top dollar.

    • Ken

      Haha and Apple users wonder why everyone thinks they’re ignorant and arrogant.

  • Edward Daniels

    this is simple apple had a hand in why android didnt get it. i could be wrong and nike just dont care to make an app. NAAAAAA. ITS ALL APPLE FAULT. i have faith someone will make a app that can work with the nike band. open source could do it