For all those that love the outdoors or like to keep track of their activities and daily exercise, the Nike FuelBand has been a popular accessory and product thanks to the mobile features included. The FuelBand for those who don’t know nicely syncs to your iOS device of choice to easily track and monitor everything you can imagine. We’ve all been under the impression an Android version was coming, but sadly that isn’t the case.

Today it came to light thanks to the official Nike account on Twitter, confirming the news that they aren’t focused on Android one bit. In a quick reply the @NikeSupport account stated “We’re not working on an Android app.” Something that I’m sure many won’t be too pleased to hear.

Not only is it sad to hear they aren’t building an app to sync to their product for the number one mobile OS in the world, but last year there was multiple reports and seemingly confirmations that they were indeed doing just that — preparing an Android app for a Summer 2012 release. The folks from Droid-life stumbled on this tweet, and sadly it appears to confirm what we were hoping was false.

Many buyers purchased the FuelBand with the impression that an Android app was in the works. For now however, all those buyers will have to resort to syncing and plugging into an actual PC, instead of wirelessly syncing data to our Android devices with ease. They have a Nike+ Running app, but we’re very curious as to why they scrapped the same for their FuelBand. Bad move Nike!

[via @NikeSupport]

  • Mark G

    Well hell, how hard can it be for someone to design an app that uses the data this thing puts out? It’s gotta be using bluetooth, right? Shouldn’t be too much trouble for someone to hack into this thing and make it work with Android…

  • Doug Wojtczak

    No Android app means no Fuel band for me.

  • Could it be because it uses Bluetooth 4/Low Energy (not sure if it does) and there is currently no core Android support for it?

  • JPod

    That is fine…I will continue to spend my money on Adidas…too bad though this was a great idea.

  • I will be selling my Fuel Band to get competing Android Supporting product, I will not recommend anybody buy it either!

  • joe1blue

    and I was really considering buying 1 of these things but coming from a galaxy note 2 to won’t even bother wasting my money on a non supported device

  • Poor decision NIKE!

  • Ravindra Sunku

    This is consistent with Nike+ products. Very few Nike Apps are there on Android. Disappointed but not surprised

  • That’s so shirt sighted. Here we think big companies have so many talented people working for them. I wonder who’s stomping on the creativity at their company?

  • I’ve been buying Nike shoes for ten years. I couldn’t care less about the FuelBand but the lack of including us Android users in the loop has insured that I will NOT be buying Nike from now on. Let’s see, 3 to 4 pair of running shoes a year times ten… Yeah, they don’t give a crap about me but if a couple of hundred thousand of us did the same thing?