Nexus X (Nexus 6) set to be released by end of October

August 25, 2014

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We’ve been calling it the Nexus 6 for a while, but apparently, its final name will not be that at all. Although there is still no final name for the upcoming new Nexus device, at least internally, Motorola will be calling it the Nexus X. Sources are also saying that it is set for release by Halloween this year, but don’t expect any big announcement as this is set to be a “secret launch” just like what they did last year with the previous gen, which was, of course the Nexus 5.

While the early news was that the new Google device would be announced sometime between October and November, it looks more likely that the unveiling will be held during Halloween. But the launch details won’t be announced beforehand so just the lucky people who will be invited to the secret launch will know about it. The Nexus X will reportedly be based on the Moto S which means it will have 2K resolution and will run on Snapdragon 805 at 2.7GHz. Photo enthusiasts will be thrilled if rumours are to be believed since it will reportedly have a 13MP main camera and a 2.1MP front camera, but with optical image stabilisation.

We’ve been calling it the Nexus 6 since it was going to have a 5.9-inch screen and is the 6th Nexus smartphone. But due to the fact that they might be facing a trademark lawsuit, this new one will not be called Nexus 6. The family of sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick has been threatening to file a lawsuit against Google ever since they started using the name Nexus, due to the fact that the androids in his story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (the basis for the cult sci-fi movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford) were called model Nexus-6. So definitely using Nexus 6 for their new smartphone might stoke the trademark fire.

So we still have two months to go before we can find out all the details about the Nexus X, or whether it will be named as such. Until then, expect more rumours and maybe leaks from those who have access to details of how Motorola intends to launch their newest baby.

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  • Neil


    • Edward Daniels

      yeah i caught that too becuz the main and the rear camera is the same. lol small error i hope they see it and fix it soon. i read it over 3 times to make sure what i was reading accurate.

  • Russell Cook

    Should call it the Nexus 5.99

  • Echo

    How much would it cost to license Nexus 6 from PK Dick’s estate? A Nexus 6 android would be marketing gold!

  • We’re waiting for this new mile stone

  • steve

    5.9 is too small lol. I was hoping to increase my sony ultra 6.4. Oh well, it has an 805 in it, will do just fine