Nexus S goes on sale – Who’s buying?

December 16, 2010

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Google's Nexus S has gone on sale in Best Buy stores in the US this morning, with east coast locations just opening now at the earlier-than-normal time of 8am. The Samsung-made smartphone - currently the only official way to get your hands on Android 2.3 Gingerbread - is priced at $529, or $199 with a two-year T-Mobile agreement (and qualifying voice and data plan).

Your money gets you Samsung's 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display and WiFi b/g/n, along with a 5-megapixel camera and front-facing video camera. More details in our unboxing and the full SlashGear review. So, who's buying today?

Nexus S unboxing:

[vms 2b13f5505d7c424ebae5]

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  • Lack of 4G is a deal breaker. Can’t really understand this marketing angle as other than a developer device. Seems as if Google/Samsung would have had something if this made it to market 6 months ago.

  • Cube

    In the UK it should be £339.03 plus VAT (which makes it £398.36.

    However, we’re getting charged a whopping £151.63 extra.

    It seems way too expensive. I’l stick with my HTC Hero.

  • Distortedloop

    I’m getting ready to head to the local Best Buy to grab one, but I’m baffled why I am doing it! LOL.

    I already have an i9000 on AT&T, and in some regards this Nexus S is a step backwards in technology (slower GPU, no 720p video recording).

    Throw in that it’s T-Mobile only (for 3G data) as a negative. Also, it’s incomprehensible that with LTE and WiMax starting to become available in wide markets that a new “flagship” T-Mobile device would not be compatible with their faster network speeds.

    Still, my Nexus One is getting a bit long in the tooth, so this seems like a decent replacement. You absolutely can’t beat the screen technology on any currently shipping device (even the ips display on the iPhone doesn’t compete in my opinion).

    If this were on Verizon in the US, it would be a no-brainer; the Fascinate’s basically the same phone, but totally lacks dev support for roms and hacks, and doesn’t seem to be getting Froyo anytime soon.

  • Khalsa Fauj

    The Nexus S is way too over-priced for the UK. Otherwise I would probably have bought it.

    Was thinking about buying it in the USA and bringing it over, but then the warranty would be voided.

    I’m now waiting till February 2011 when all the major Android handset manufacturer’s will bring out new phones, hopefully with HD video and 4G capability. Samsung may even bring out a phone with dual core processors.

    One thing is for sure: no more iPhone ever again – it’s just pure hype.

  • olegtt

    It turns out Best Buy currently doesn’t sell them online without a contract despite official information just a day ago. Such a screw-up.

  • Thourk

    The Nexus S is clearly the best Phone out there. But like the Nexus 1, it is going to fail! I am not quite sure what Google is doing with these phones, the person in charge of marketing should be fired. Only the 60,000 or so people who follow the Android blogs knows about this phones and those are the only ones who bought the Nexus one. The problem is that many of these people know what phones are out there and the new phone that are soon to come out and are opting not to buy this phone. How can you have such a great phone with so many features and not advertise it on TV? The I phone’s success is not because it is a nice phone, it is because Apple and ATT spent millions of dollars telling people about it on TV. Look at the success of the Motorola Droid (thank you Motorola and Verizon for telling the world what Droid does… the Android platform might have been like the palm (DOA)) The Droid line would not have been successful without the TV ad blitz. The one common thing about these two phones is that the two companies started TV ads introducing these products to the masses before the phones came out, and they advertised even more the phones did come out. Google seemed content with Website ad banner which they used for the failed Nexus 1. The problem with that is that all these new smart phones look alike and most people just move right along.

    I have see best buy ads for the other phones in the last couple of days but have not seen one for this phone. Why? Samsung is spending millions advertising their other phones on TV but I am yet to see one for the Nexus S…. And Google? A you tube video will not sell this fantastic product for you. Only people who already know about this phone will look for it (60,000 people)You need to advertise and let the masses know about this new phone. How can you have such a phone with NFC, the Gingerbread speed, the first phone sent to space and back and all the wonderful features of the phone and not tell people about it? Can you imagine if the NFC technology is on the Iphone? That is all you’ll see on their TV ads. They will tell and show you how the I phone is revolutionizing phones as we know it.

    Ok so we have it at best buy( big improvement over the Google store) but best buy is not advertising this phone on TV.

  • Adam

    I was going to do it. I was going to be there this morning and get the Nexus S – I was SO CLOSE! I NEED a phone. So what were the deal breakers?
    A) I live in Chicago with Best Buys everywhere and the only one is 1 hour away – ridiculous (plus every Best Buy person I talked about the phone sounded as informed as a pulled fry cook).
    B) EVERY review said it feels cheap – VERY cheap.
    C) No HSPA+ that is down right ludicrous to sign on for 2 years at the rate technology is changing to an outdated (and slow) network, especially since it’s been around long enough to have incorporated it into the phone.
    For everyone who got it, I know you’ll love it. I’m waiting to see what Big Red has to offer. uh-uh iPhone uh.

  • ” Only the 60,000 or so people who follow the Android blogs knows about this phones and ”

    I’m sorry. This is because the people in the USA. Just eating fast food and watching NFL/NHL/NBA all day.

    Yeah I know thats wrong. As wrong as ” Only the 60,000 or so people who follow the Android blogs knows about this phones and “

  • orgreeno

    I’m staying away from Samsung. I was burned with the Galaxy S Captivate. Replaced once and the GPS still does not work. AT&T won’t replace it again for a “known issue”. Also, Samsung promised Android 2.2 in September. It still isn’t here in December. No more Samsungs for me.

  • qwerp


    there is buy outright option. just not clearly enough.

    when add package, it will ask for are you a t-mobile customer.

    if you choose yes, the it gives you option to buy outright.

    there you have it.

  • is bestbuy having enough phones in stores? or are there first sold outs?

  • m9rcy

    im a buying contract free as long as someone can confirm that it’ll work on att..

  • No SD card is a deal breaker for me. Photo’s movies, apps… all add up.

  • mmalakai10

    Currently bestbuy is selling the phone but they claim shipment is to small to distribute to customers. So u have to order from the store and wait for it to be shipped to u house. What a way to start ur release on this phone.

  • alinefx

    that’s only if you buy it on contract. i bought it unlocked for $529 today and got it on the spot.

  • mmalakai10

    oh thats funny becuz the guy in front of me on line wanting to purchase unlocked full price, have to wait for it just like me by mail. there isnt a difference in the phones becuz its kinda like the nexus one. they sold that phone with and without but internally no hardware difference. just one under a contract and the other not.