Those lucky Nexus owners, they get everything sooner. In this case, it’s a relatively stable AOSP version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the previous generation of Google’s developer phone. The ROM is available for eager Android fans right now – the only thing that appears to be missing is a reliable video record function.

The work comes from XDA member “kwiboo”, and he’s been hard at work on the software for the last few days; the two separate ROMs are already on their second version. Functions are mostly complete, though the WiFi drivers need a quick patch. Since Android’s source code doesn’t include Gmail, YouTube, the Android Market and similar Google-branded apps, those packages are being directly loaded from the Galaxy Nexus.

Check out the ROM in action below:

On the example phone at least, Ice Cream Sandwich is running admirably fast. Take particular note of the ICS software buttons – or rather don’t, because they aren’t there. ICS is able to forgo its software buttons if the hardware it’s running on already has hardware-based navigation buttons. The Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs should be coming fast and furious for the next few weeks as more and more modders get a hang of the source code, and the uber-popular CyanogenMod should release its version of ICS early next year.

[via PD]

  • Anonymous

    This gives me hope that one day the Incredible will see ICS in some form. CM9 please?

  • I like how the software buttons adapt to the platforms

  • Enoel69

    If the the NS can run ICS, the N1 can certainly run it as well..after all both devices have similar specs. Google should do the right thing and eventually make it available to the N1…even in a slim down form. Seriously love my N1 despite the few issues with the internal storage and battery…all in all a great device. Can anyone with a N1 please tell me if they have pinch to zoom…since the last update Android version 2.3.6 build number GRK39F…pinch to zoom stopped working….curious if that is common to all N1’s after that update. Will check back here for answers…thanks in advance. 

  • Justinbaker0321

    I installed it and it would have been nice but lagged and froze on top of being unable to sync my Google accoubd. Market and Gmail just crashed over and over. Sticking with cm7 and Trinity. Much better performance

  • slarowe

    Phone doesn’t work yet either, I would tap on the phone icon and it would freak out and restart.