Nexus Prime could dock with Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

October 5, 2011

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We're still reeling from Samsung's teaser video showing (what's almost certainly, definitely, probably) the Nexus Prime in a quick flash. Now filmmaker and Android enthusiast Joe Lancaster has put forth an interesting hypothesis: the Nexus Prime will dock with a companion Samsung tablet, a la the upcoming Asus Padfone. Lancaster has a modified image from the teaser video to back up his claims.

The crux of the hypothesis centers around the three gold/copper circles seen on the side of the mystery phone. These may be electrical contacts, and Lancster believes that their purpose is to slide into a dock for a larger tablet, much like the Motorola Atrix and DROID BIONIC laptop docks, and alluded to in the "combination" theme of the Samsung Unbox Event video. He further hypothesizes that the black arc sen behind the phone is actually the profile of the tablet, which features a similar concave screen. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to bridge the gap between Gingerbread smartphones and Honeycomb tablets.

[vms ec039965f3c4923ce901]

Personally, I just don't see it. The circles probably are electrical contacts, but I'm guessing they're for a standard desktop/car dock, in a similar fashion to HTC devices like the Rhyme. The practical aspects are puzzling too: while the Nexus S curve is interesting and even fetching on a smartphone-sized device, a tablet with such an extreme curve wouldn't rest well on a flat surface, and the overall thickness of the tablet (even if most of it was empty space) would make it precarious in a bag or slip case. I think we're looking at a little stylish graphic design and a lot of imagination.

Get your speculation in now, folks - we'll know the truth next Tuesday, October 11th, when Samsung's Unbox Event steals the show at CTIA.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Anonymous

    No , IT IS NOT… look at the curvature

  • The “perfect combination” obviously refers to Samsung and Google (blue and green, get it?).

  • Anonymous

    It’s a phone, see the “chin” at the bottom left?  No tablet.

  • Anonymous

    The “dots” are electrical ports just like the Nexus one.

    • Dots are for charging and docking just like the Nexus One, MT4G and a few others lately

  • Uydtufyu

    i think the combination is just the smartphone and tablet (i.e. gingerbread & honeycomb), which is why they showed the prime with a tablet behind it. i dont think theres an actual “prime” tablet being unveiled or that the prime will fit into some tablet, 
    or maybe that phone wasnt even the prime, and it was just a random phone with a random tablet… and the big announcement is ICS.. but hey.. probably not lol

  • Someone is dreaming to much, i think the Prime smartphone is enough thats a Samsung line used in almost all Samsung animations specially on boot animation … there is no tablet in there!

  • One BIG problem with this outlandish theory. Tablets are not, and never will be, curved.

  • Haa haaah

    maybe two gadget: 

    1. Nexus S-2 “curve screen” (ice cream sandwich 2.4 smartphone). 
    2. Nexus Prime with “curve screen to” (1st tablet from google with honeycomb).