Do you think you’re smarter than an iPhone user? A new study shows that you, the Android user, are not. British betting company Ladbroke’s asked a sampling of people to take the Test of Wits, but first asked which mobile device they used. While iPhone users took the overall  title, Nexus users are the smartest Android users.

Of course, we’re going to poke holes in this. First, it was a mere 2,000 folks, so probably not indicative of smartphone users as a whole. Also, there was no indication as to demographics sampled, so we can’t say the playing field was even. Like all studies or samplings, we take it for what it is, and not to heart.

The test is made up of seven questions, and meant to gauge overall intelligence. Using your answers and response time, the test then aims to tell you just how brilliant you are. Or aren’t. How many months have 28 days? Think carefully — but quickly!

Either way, it’s all fun and games, so we’ll let the iOS kids have this one. We prefer to be positive, and will at least take solace in the fact we’re not Blackberry users, who were dead last. If you’re wondering, the average iPhone user finished five seconds faster than the second place Google Nexus user. Third place went to Samsung device users, who took a few extra seconds beyond stock Android, and HTC was just behind them to round out Android.


So, is stock Android really the smartest choice? Well, the best and brightest clearly use it, so yes… yes, it is. Is HTC the worst Android choice? Makes Sense. As for Windows Phone or Blackberry... there really isn’t much to say in their defense.

Also, the answer is 12. There are 12 months with 28 days. Did you think “one, duh. February!”? Yeah, it might be time to ditch that HTC for a Nexus.

  • TL;DR. Study probably funded by Apple Inc, as part of some marketing ploy.

    But really though, nearly all of the iPhone users I’ve met are not that intelligent because they let their friends tell them what to buy and have no clue what to do when shit breaks.

    • maysider

      just check the same price level phones and you will learn that iPhone users are the dumbest

  • David Loman

    How fast you answer is, is not an intelligence test. That’s just a test to find out how fast you can answer questions. A good architect can take months only to design a bridge that will never collapse. An idiot architect can finish the planning before and the bridge could collapse, so that’s just one silly test. iPhone users don’t have to think. I would’ve liked for that test to have questions like: “What’s the difference between byte and bit?” “What’s the difference between RAM and ROM?” and a much simpler one that I’ve found tons of iPhone users to not know shit about: “What is WiFi? Is it an internet service provided by your carrier? Is is the same thing as the internet provided by your network provider? Elaborate…”

    • EIT

      An architect needs a structural engineer to keep his design within reality.

  • TheMightyNut

    Most iPhone users only buy it for the fad, and only use it so they don’t have to think. Thinking is a vital process to intelligence, without it… there is no intelligence at all. This article must have been written by a non-intelligent iphone user.

  • Christopher Robert

    Most iPhone users would know the riddle “How Many Months Have 28 days?”, but if you asked them how to do anything beside text, call, or use Facebook on their phone they would be completely lost.

    • iPhone users are adept at the ancient art of texting.

  • Laurentiu

    That’s just stupid! Only one month has 28 days. Others have more. It’s no semantics here.
    British scientists are well known over the world for their studies… And I tell you that isn’t because they’re bright. 🙂

    • Actually, the question is ambiguous. It can be understood as “Which month has exactly 28 days?” or “Which month has at least 28 days?”. And as a programmer I understand it as the first one.

      • Mike A

        haha, I program a lot and I understood it as “exactly” but never knew that it was due to my programming 😛

      • Dumb android user

        If they wanted the first option is would be correct at 12 months, but the second option is wrong. Bathe answer would be ZERO as February 29 days every leap year so as a constant value year after year having only 28 days would not be true. So I guess the apple people are rather dumb too

  • double1

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  • Dany

    There are different kind of intelligence. Iphone users are not the most enthusiastic about how technology works. About Samsung, there is a huge number of devices models and prices so it is difficult to know the reason why dod people bought a Samsung phone and link it to the IQ. Paticulary I prefered to buy an S4 because the IR blaster and bexause I know that I can frezze thinks I am not interested. About Nexus, it is clear that it is prefered by the more tech enthusiastic people. Just an example: It is common to se a Doctor with an iphone, but olso it is common to see a system engineer with an Android. Both of them are intelligent people, but their intelligence are diffedent.

    • Ben Edwards

      iPhone users are NOT, as a rule, more enthusiastic about how technology works. They’re more enthusiastic about having the latest, greatest thing that makes them look rich/cool/knowledgeable about technology. If you’re enthusiastic about technology you get an Android phone; either a Nexus, a Samsung or an HTC. If you’re gullible, a poser and/or are totally full of yourself you get an iPhone.


        If you REALLY are enthusiastic about technology you use both. You understand both. And you know how to use each to its potential within the capacity of any given circumstance. If one was truly superior to the other you wouldn’t see constant debate. They are clearly comparable. Each has pro’s and con’s. It is simply a matter of preference.

    • adon

      Rightly said!

  • Michael Colart

    Yeah right – Iphone users are more intelligent pffft haha come on Isheep

  • Techngro

    This reminds me of the silly questions on the SAT, which don’t really measure intelligence at all.

  • satsmine2k4

    Nokia users are dumb… absolute dumb to buy a “Windows phone”….