Not only has Google and Samsung come clean, and all official, on the Nexus S, which is the first handset to launch with Android 2.3 on board, but Google has also released the Gingerbread SDK. With that released, developers all over the world will be able to find the latest mobile Operating System’s secrets, and make them work for their own desires. But what about the Nexus One?

We’ve heard a few grumblings, from here and there, that the first Nexus device is just now beginning to see some update notifications. This update, as you might expect, is designed to bring Google’s latest version to Android onto the handset. With it, users should see improved power management, application usage, and improvements/refinements to the User Interface in general.

However, we want to hear from you: if you own a Nexus One, have you received your update notification? If you have, have you downloaded it, and are you playing around with the new OS as we speak? If you have, let us know in the comments, and tell us what you think of the changes/improvements that Google has issued.

[Update]: Well, there’s still a lot of confusion going around about the update to Android 2.3 for the Nexus One. While everyone knows it is coming, there were a few reports slipping out that the update was happening right now for the handset. Unfortunately, the reports were unconfirmed, and there were several people saying that the update wasn’t actually happening. And now, we’ve got @retomeier, who is an Android developer advocate for Google, saying that the update to Gingerbread for the Nexus One “should be coming in a few weeks.” Sure, there may be a few individuals out there who are getting the update to their handset by some unknown forces, but it looks like the general roll out isn’t happening right now.

[via @retomeier]

  • Russ

    No I haven’t, and I don’t expect too for a while yet. I think Engadget have jumped the gun by stating this.

  • @android _Jedi

    Haven’t seen mine, waiting hungrily 😀

  • John

    Also nothing yet. Doubting the rumour. It’s frustrating to see this kind of thing. If true, it’s ridiculously easy to confirm, and yet nobody has. So what’s the point in reporting the rumor. Oh. Page views.

  • Ken

    I have not. In fact, I know of no one who has — not even on XDA Developers. I’m not sure the rumors are true, especially since no one knows where they came from.

  • C

    The rumor is true. I know someone who already received the update.

    Unfortunately, mine hasn’t updated yet.

  • Franklin

    Negative! Nothing.

    Tested with System update and *#*#2432546#*#*


  • Jesper

    Waiting for the update on my n1. Don’t worry guys, the same thing happened with froyo. Some people started getting it over the air and then a couple of hours later the official update file of the nexus one was released. Just keep checking news sites for download links. We should get some by the end of today. Dont expect an OTA update tho

  • Pranil

    me too waiting!.. for sure it isnt going to be soon from previous froyo experience.. but whenever i get it.. its defenetly going to be good!
    thumbs up to Google.. for getting a good version up
    it sucks thou that N1 doesnt have a front facing camera 🙁

  • Namarrgon

    There is an OTA update – it’s been rolling out since about 19th November. I got it a week ago. But it’s not Gingerbread.

    It’s a minor update to Froyo – 2.2.1, build FRG83D. Just some bugfixes and tweaks. Gingerbread rollout is weeks off, as Google says.

  • Me too, like Namarrgon.
    When will N1 owners receive Gingerbread??? So boring when waiting for a long time.

  • Name: Mark

    I am very old I only have a phone that was used for getting ahold of me be the transplant center. I don’t know what an android is but I know they are high tech and I would like one but I would never figure out how to use it Yes it will be unveiled today i do believe

  • Edi

    After all the discussions (or apparently gossip) that Nexus One is the developer phone for the new OS version, it is a bit frustrating to see that this phone is not among the first phones to get Gingerbread…

  • Sean Walton


    Your wrong, the Nexus One is getting it first. Not sure where you got your facts from lol.

  • Mark

    still no update..
    really want it!

  • androidboy

    I got the update 😀

  • nexus one lover

    weres ginger bread i dont wanna get a nexus s cuzzz it looks like crap as same specs not faster dont bey it and samsung made it look chep nexus one phone of the year

  • feckwzzle

    wow. What is happening to the English Language? Please, “Nexus One Lover” understand that we can’t hear you, so wen u tok lik that it juzt maks u seem lik an ignorant dumm azz. Punctuation, grammar, and proper spelling exist for a reason, not the least of which is to illustrate the distinction between intellectuals and idiots…

  • secretGspot

    AndroidBoy: Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Sourav uddin

    I have received it .but when it was done nothing changed.

  • nexus one lover

    i was typeing fast so i missed spleed sorry lol

  • jen

    same for me as sourav!
    I received an updating saying it was part 1 of 2. did it. no changes. then received another update. did it, still no changes. that was a couple days ago and nothing since.. weird.

  • Rwoodman

    Nothing here yet but I went and looked at the “s” and I think they made a mistake not making the phone available to ATT like the N1. My wife wants android which hasnt had the manufacturer tampering. My N1 is awsome and I cant wait for gingerbread.

  • Brawnypaws

    The 2 part updates were to prepare the phone for the eventual gingerbread.

  • liam

    Looking forward to seeing the new update. Still haven’t got it yet. But I am on version 2.2.1. Does anyone have the update yet?

  • I thought Google said that having “the developer’s phone” would make us privy to updates before everyone else? Now I know only the the Nexus S “Officially” has gingerbread right now, but I know Google has a version for the Nexus One internally, and they’ve had it for a while now (how else do you think they created Gingerbread? By the way that was the reason for the delay of the Nexus S); why not push the internal version to everyone now since the Nexus S has already been released? This whole “in a few weeks” is better translated as “in a couple of months.” I only say this because: This was a really good opportunity for Google to demonstrate to those of us who did buy a Google Phone early on that they appreciate our early adoption, but instead they release a new version (which I would have bought, mind you, except it’s almost exactly the same as the Nexus One,) and then they make everyone who’s either under contract or can’t afford to buy the new version wait, after promising them they would get updates immediately. Meanwhile all the developers Google had in mind, are currently developing Gingerbread ROMs for other devices….nice. Oh yea, I almost forgot,…we’re supposed to “hang tight” because N1 gingerbread update “should be coming in a few weeks.” Yea,…key word there being “should.”

  • Brooke

    Nothing yet..still have Android 2.2.1

  • Brooke

    I have a Nexus 1 by the way…

  • EphraimInCanaan

    @JosephInEgypt sounds like someone is a little bitter…

    @all come on guys, the Nexus One on Android 2.2.1 is still the best there is, yes even better than a Nexus S with 2.3…

    Just be patient and realize that it takes a little while to get an ota update out to thousands of users…

    • JosephInEgypt

      Wow,… you’re reply to my original post was now more than 3 weeks ago. So in response to your comment about me being “a litter bitter,” I think a better way of putting it would be “a little disappointed.” I only say this because I used to be an iPhone user and I was excited when news of a Google Phone first broke a year ago (even though rumors had swirled for months on the internet.) So yea, you can say I’m bitter,…but really disappointed is more accurate. Especially now that the February is just about here and still no 2.3 for the N1. I hope that with all this time passing by, and google’s promise of “in a few weeks,” which is turning into months as I originally posted you might now understand why some of us original adopters to the android platform might be “a litter bitter.”

      • Responses to comments should be much more timelier in the future
        thanks to a new and robust comment system. Lots of great features
        allowing you to even respond to comments via email!

        Thanks, V
        408-641-1234 @Nguyen @SlashGear @Androids

  • It is sad that the Nexus One doesnt already have this update, but the official Gingerbread release doesn’t even concern me bc I’m using CyanogenMod 6.1.0 but I am eager to download 6.1.1–the Gingerbread custom rom :). I think rooting my Nexus One was the best decision ever & maybe y’all should try it sometime. Bc I will probably end up obtaining Gingerbread through a custom rom long before Google even starts pushing OTA updates lol

  • FuzzyBunnyFeet

    Doesn’t 12/6/2010 to 1/9/2011 count as a few weeks?

    Where’s the freakin’ rollout?

  • Andy

    WTF more than 1 month and not received yet 🙁

  • BigZ

    Nothing yet… just amazing…

  • VMC

    Sadly I wrongly assumed Gingerbread was a hint to its release around Christmas for my Nexus 1.

    • JosephInEgypt

      Don’t worry, you weren’t that off your rocker…many of us assumed the same thing since Google sort of hinted at it, especially when you take into account the fact that they were originally set to release the Nexus S back in November (the 19th if I remember correctly) but yea,…that’ all long been forgotten now. So yea, many of us thought we’d have gingerbread on our N1’s by Christmas Eve because that’s when we were being led like cattle into believing Google was really happy at our going out and buying the N1 which they decided to pull the plug on. So no,… you weren’t wrong to assume,… we all did but oh yea, we are not supposed to have memories of things only a few months old. We’re supposed to move on, and want the latest and greatest and forget about what was promised and hinted at only “weeks” ago. LOL I wonder if February will be the month??? Maybe we should all start taking bets on which month they will release the 2.3 for the N1? That would be hilarious at this point. Hey! Look everybody, Google’s turned into the new Sony Ericsson! LOL Now, I wonder if “EphraimInCanaan” will be able to sense my sarcasm, or maybe he’ll still think I’m bitter??

  • Frank

    I received 2.2.2 last week. Still no Ginger nor bread nor gingerbread

  • kay

    Got gingerbread today – nexus one

  • James

    I got the message to download it onto my Nexus One last night. It took a while to download, but after the reboot it was still on Froyo. I’ve turned the phone on and off a few times but it’s still Froyo and the System Updates button says that everything is up to date. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • shiva

      Yes I did the same but still 2.2.2 onlys

    • shirls

      I also had this happening to me on my nexus1.

  • Mayita526

    GOT IT LAST NIGHT (03/01) so far i see little differences, like improved soft keyboard, youtube app, maybe the phone is faster. I like it, but I’m not impressed. Anybody noticed anything cool?

  • Android_SoulGer

    DOWNLOADED Gin_Bread: Friday 3/04/2011 on my Nexus Uno (1). i’m lovin it, really cool/smooth look n feel. Long live Google Nexus One.

  • Kecncp

    I got the gingerbread update on my nexus one on March 1 in Montreal. I’m using it now.

  • Dlb2

    Got my gingerbread on Friday morning (March 4, 2011) LUV it!

  • Dlb2

    Got my gingerbread on Friday morning (March 4, 2011) LUV it!

  • Anonymous

    Its been more than a few weeks I want my gingerbread