Nexus 9 set to launch in October, folio keyboard leaked

September 16, 2014

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You’ll have to jog your memory backwards a bit for the last time you saw one of the Google-approved Nexus devices being launched. But it looks like October is going to be the month for Nexus fans as HTC looks set to launch the Nexus 9 tablet device in the next few weeks.

An invite has gone out for an HTC media event interestingly titled “Double Exposure”. There has been no official hints about the subject matter of the event, but it is strongly pointing to a launch of the Nexus 9 device. All the rumors point to a strongly-specced tablet – a 9-inch 1080p Full HD display powered by NVIDIA’s premium Tegra K1 chipset, 16GB of internal storage, a 16MP camera, and 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage among others.

HTC is also making available an app that can control the tablet via other Android and iOS devices. Speaking of peripherals, one such accessory has been leaked out of China’s parallel for the FCC – this is an external keyboard that doubles as a folio cover. Given the strong specs of the Nexus 9, we’d like to see more accessories that lean towards gaming and such, but hey, we’ll take what we can.

The timing of the launch is also quite interesting in that it could be very close to Google’s official launch of its new OS – Android L. In fact, there are rumors that the Nexus 9 tablet could be the first official device to carry the newfangled operating system. We will have to wait and see – the event is slated for October 8th, so it will not be that long a wait.

VIA: BGR, SlashGear

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  • mmm

    If no Quad HD I’ll stick to Nexus 7.

    • Szymon Kosecki

      Not fussed at all about 4k, on a small, screen like that, probably will not offer any benefits other than bragging rights….

      • mmm

        I hear what your saying, but I’m looking for a reason to upgrade and screen resolution is one the major specs I look at. Though some quality front facing HTC speakers would be awesome!

      • tabguy

        I’d rather have better battery life than a screen that doesn’t offer any real benefit over a nice high pixel IPS.

  • warcaster

    Only 16GB of storage as default? What’s this? 2010? And no I don’t care at all about the 2 years of 100GB of Google Drive.

    • Szymon Kosecki

      Absolutely agree. 32GB is a minimum, + sd card if only for media. Antyhing else and it s a big no go. Don’t care about cloud storage.

      • Jeb Johnston

        I thought the same when I first went with a Nexus 5, but just 32GB is enough to l my load. I haven’t hit an insufficient storage message yet.

      • Szymon Kosecki

        I can live with 32GB only. I’ve hit the storage limits though, especially when going on holidays without reliable wifi access.

    • Michael Reynaga

      I get everyone has different uses, but this always baffles me, I’ve had a 16GB Nexus 5 since the launch day, same with the new N7 and both have about 6GB free, all photos auto upload to plus, all music is either play, podcast stream or streamed from my home media server with subsonic and all videos are streamed from my HMS via Plex, what are you storing on your phone?

      all of the above streaming options also let you cache locally in case you are going to be away from internet access as well, like a flight or something, so again what are you using all your storage on??

      • Jeb Johnston

        Personally, I have a number of games on my tablet, as well as books, magazines, and movies that I store from Google Play when I want to watch them. I tried a 16GB Nexus 7, but I took it back a few days later for the 32GB model.

        As I typically explain it to people, we have not yet managed to fuse wifi into the aether. It’s not easily accessible everywhere, nor is it energy efficient enough to make it doable on a number of devices

      • Michael Reynaga

        ahhhh, yup that makes sense, I don’t game much on mine, and I know those do take up a good amount of space, thx for sharing.

  • Michael Reynaga

    move along, nothing to see here….

    HTC is working on a new phone that is being tagged as the “ultimate selfie phone” the HTC Eye, which is supposed to be essentially an HTC One M8 with a “Duo Camera”

    this “double exposure” event is almost certainly about that, NOT the new tablet, Google ALWAYS announces the new Nexus devices or just releases them silently.