The new Nexus 7 has been in the news a lot this afternoon, but we have one more as it appears a small 8MB update is rolling out to the WiFi Nexus 7 as we speak. It’s still the same version of Android, and there appears to be no major changes, but we’re hearing this could still be an update aimed at fixing those touch issues.

Software update JSS15R is hitting the Nexus 7, and it’s so small that it shouldn’t take but a few moments to download and install. While 8MB isn’t very big, that’s a lot of code that could potentially fix plenty of minor issues. Some reports of ongoing touch issues are still present, and we’ve heard a few about Bluetooth problems as well.

While we still don’t have official details or a changelog from Google, you can get the new update right this moment from the link below. This seems pretty minor, but it’s new, so you’ll want to grab it the moment it is available. I’d start checking for updates on my Nexus 7 right about now.

The JSS15Q update didn’t solve those screen issues, so hopefully this small change to “R” has a few tweaks worth adding. As soon as we know more details we’ll update. If you’ve received the update and have noticed a difference (for better or worse) drop us a comment below.

VIA: AndroidPolice

  • Chris

    This update has fixed a problem where my nexus 7 could not see one of my WiFi networks. It has mysteriously appeared since this update! Touch wood I have not experienced any GPS or touch issues yet on my nexus 7… I’ve had it a week. I’m in the UK.

  • Robert Roma

    My device was running perfectly until this update. Started to have lag, touch imprecision and little responsiveness… and my bluetooth went crazy. My portable keyboard which worked perfectly now goes like this: Hellllllllllllloooooooooo IIIIIIIIIIIII AAAMMMM ffffuurrrriiiooouussss (much longer repetitions… but just to give you an idea). Can I reverse this???


    Dear JMAG,
    I also had similar problem with my New N7 Tab – and same thing happened with replacement tab. But then I made following changes and now my N7 is working and it is an awesome tab –

    a. My N7 tab not working with home wifi – Today only I realized that my tab is not working with single touch but touch screen respond only to double touch. – It helped me to reach the settings of my tab – I made following changes –
    1. I copied the IP and DNS address of my wifi network from my laptop and put it my N7 tab.
    2. I switched off the NFC.
    3. I checked the date and time of my N7 – it was set at year 1970 – I changed it to todays date.
    And lo and behold – my N7 started working on my home wifi and allowed me to complete the set up of my N7 tab.

    b.. Touch screen problem – Touch screen was requiring double touch to do anything and still behaving irretically. + every step was being narrated by N7 tab in voice – very irritating –> Then I switched off the talk back feature — > And to my utter surprise – not only N7 stopped narrating in voice – but touch screen also started working with single touch and flawlessly.

    Now also sometimes I feel touch screen not functioning always good – but my N7 is atleast working.
    I hope it will help you.

    Thank you

    with regards

  • Needs fixing

    Screen is stuck and does not rotate. It was working just fine before the update…

  • Marc_Bills

    On my second Nexus 7 and still the same swiping issues. Lots of phantom clicks and swype keybaord doesn’t work correctly.