Earlier this morning the folks from Google started pushing out a quick update to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. The update was initially only rolling out to the LG Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10, but now the Nexus 7 can also enjoy the latest and greatest from Google. Now we’re just waiting for the same update to arrive for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, which should be any time now.

The update is extremely minor going to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean, and is mainly just fixing a few found bugs with Bluetooth, WiFi, and of course that ridiculous “missing December” problem. Basically Google forgot December in their people app (not Calendar) and some people couldn’t insert birthdays and such. Pretty minor oversight causing a big problem.

So now we’re here with 4.2.1 which is rolling out as we speak. Google just pushed 4.2.1 to AOSP for everyone to sync and download, and now the Nexus 7 is getting the same treatment as those other Nexi are. The update should just arrive within the next 24 hours or so for all Nexus 7 users, so don’t worry about missing December in just a few short days.

As usual, you can select to check for updates manually, try a few of the clear Google Services Framework data in settings “tricks” or just download it directly from Google. You’ll need to download the file below if you chose that route, install it with a custom recovery, or use the stock recovery and push it through ADB as usual. A custom recovery is always easiest for this procedure. Or just wait for the OTA notification as the update should be appearing on your tablet any minute now. Enjoy that freshly baked Jelly Bean!

Download: Android 4.2.1 Nexus 7

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  • Tony

    No, ythank u.i’ll wait another few weeks. It was rebooting and many other problems came out on 4.2 update.not rushing now for the same mistake.also,bastards made reminder to stop your work video or work every 30 minutes

    • littlewierdo

      On major revisions, i understand waiting but this update fixes issies 4.2 had. I recommend also factory resetting if you are having issues, my tablet was rebooting on 4.1.1 and a simple factory reset fixed that (fyi, even if you have nothing installed, a factory reset helps, i had ‘just gotten the tablet and updated to 4.1.1 and an hour later, it random rebooted, this happened three times over the next three days). I also need to double check, not 100% sure whether you keep root, in the past you did so it would not surprise me if you loose it this time as well.

  • Alvester Garnett

    Minor update but a MAJOR improvement on my N7’s speed and usability. I was having some serious slow-down issues but this seems to have mostly fixed my problems. Most importantly the choppiness while streaming music to my Bluetooth speaker issue seems to be mostly gone and nearly as good as the pre-4.2 update. Automatic screen rotations seem to be a bit quicker too.

  • Wow, MAJOR improvement on my N7’s speed. Especially with the multi-user support, it’s actually usable now! Overall, system seems more responsive.

  • ian

    con: android tells me what level of volume is harmful to my ears and throws up an alert every time i go above half way on the level.

  • Any one elase notice improved battery on N7. The ‘Maps’ app no longer using so much?

  • Livid Nexus 7 User

    Anyone else having trouble with their bluetooth? I can no longer connect anything via Bluetooth, no keyboard, phone, earpiece. All Google tech support has to say is “we’re working on it.” If you haven’t upgraded, you might want to wait.

  • brdavis9

    This update sucked.
    My Nexus 7, which had no problems under v4.2, is now irregularly restarting spontaneously. The first time I noticed that I didn’t have anything in my app history, I though it odd. Then I was doing something, and watched as it went to the X screen restart.
    …I’ve tried resetting/removing stuff …but nothing has worked. Every couple of days, to every few hours …Bang! …empty history, or it restarts as I watch. No rhyme, no reason.

  • Thougod

    Can anyone assist me? I just replaced my Nexus 7 display screen and since then it won’t boot. When connected via USB to computer, the PC recognizes and I am able to view the folders and files on the tablet.