Nexus 7 suffering from screen defects and separation

July 18, 2012

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The brand new Nexus 7 tablet from Google and ASUS is a mighty fine tablet. Especially considering it only runs users $199 for such an awesome device. We love ours and you can see for yourself in our full review. Sadly it appears that like many products, a few users are having defects from manufacturing. We are hearing multiple reports that the Nexus 7 screen is separating from the body, or lifting up causing it to creak a little.

A few threads have appeared over on XDA and other places regarding dead pixels (bound to happen on LCD's) as well as screen separation. The second one being the problem we're seeing the most. We saw similar reports last year from the IO edition Galaxy Tab too. It looks like the adhesive holding the glass and screen in place is giving away for some, and causing it to lift up to a noticeable level.

Is your Nexus 7 suffering from any problems like this? Is your screen not flush with the rest of the device? We have some good news (if you call fixing it yourself good news.) Apparently multiple reports state the screws on the rear of the device aren't too tight, and those are causing the slight lift in the display. The rear is extremely easy to pop off -- just like a smartphone -- and can be easily snapped back into place (see our picture below). Users are claiming a simple tightening of said screws under the hood will tighten it up and solve this problem. However, be extremely careful as over-tightening a screw can cause the screen to crack or warp.

Pictures and more details on the issue and a fix are available at this XDA thread. With such a huge product launch there was bound to be a few having problems. Hopefully this is a limited case but we'll keep our eye on this for more details.

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  • nory826

    So far I’ve had my Nexus 7 for 6 days, and (knock on wood) I haven’t noticed any of the issues people are talking about. I received mine from a Gamestop in New Jersey on July 13th, if that matters to any one.

  • prestone1

    bought from sams last friday. none of the reported issues.

  • Magnus100

    Still waiting for mine to ship from Google, even though I preordered on the day it was announced. Screw you Google!

    • tyler smith

      yeah same here. where do you live?

    • itaintrite

      When did you preorder it? I preordered mine as soon as they said it was available in the Press Conference. Just relax. It’s still mid July.

  • I have experienced the ever so slightest rise in the screen. It’s not a problem except if you press on a certain part on the side of the screen hard it will creak a little. If it doesn’t get worse it won’t be an issue…crossing my fingers!

  • geoff

    Got mine at Staples in Ontario and it does have the screen will
    issue, will exchange πŸ™‚ for new one on next shipment, awesome device, I freak in luv it

  • powerguru

    I received a replacement for the same problem mentioned in this article and unfortunately I see the the replacement unit is also having the same problem. ASUS QC ? I love this tablet but might have to return it. if not now after 1-2 months it will get worst. Google should have a recall before this get out of control.


  • ap

    I have it as well, though it is not interfering with normal tablet use. Unless I press hard on purpose, I don’t notice any problem. I might refrain from sending it back due to just this. I have tried FOUR Asus transformers in the past and all had one problem or another. It’s almost like trading one problem over the other.
    Their QC sucks, but hey, the devices are the cheapest too!

  • starryhope

    I would have never noticed this “problem” if I hadn’t seen this post. Hopefully it doesn’t become a real problem with the screen falling off or something.

  • Justin McDermott

    I have the same problem with it being just barely noticeable on the left side of the screen. Looking around on the internet it seems to be on the left side for a lot of people. How long is the warranty on the Nexus 7? Right now it’s tolerable, but if it gets worse I will have to return it and I would rather wait until they fix this issue in the early production runs.

  • MH

    I’m having the same problem. Its on the left hand side. I called google and they are shipping me one while I still get to keep the old one and then I will ship from the old 1 back free of charge. Why risk damaging or voiding your warranty when you can get a new 1 and never have to miss not having it?

  • philippe michaud

    Mine cracked when I pushed on it yesterday πŸ™ sucks. I felt it move and hear a small creak, i looked at it and it was cracked on the right side πŸ™

  • Mine won’t charge. The charger works fine on other devices (both the wall wart and the usb cable), but not on the tablet. I reported it and was told someone would get in touch. They didn’t. 24 hours (and 2+ hours on hold) later, I phoned again and was told someone would get in touch. This was on the 0800 (freephone) number, to google in the states. The Dublin location has no email address, just a phone number. I’m not going to phone an international number to report a dead-on-arrival device guys. And what’s with the several hours long time on hold – I guess I’m not alone in reporting a faulty unit, right? Let’s hope the replacement one charges and doesn’t have a cracked, lose, dead pixel affected screen, the mic works, no lose screws rattling around, good wifi, and equal brightness on each side of the screen.

  • Alan

    I got mine today and I got one unit from staples. ca, then it came and the screen was raised like 1 or 2 mm on the left side. I returned it thinking a new one would help, well the screen flickers reading books at low brightness levels, and the left side also creaks and is up almost 1mm on the left side. Still for the price its overall a great device overall.

  • Matt

    I’ve gone through 5 tablets from Staples and 2 from Canada Computers. All of them had the same screen lifting issue. The build quality on this is absolute crap.

  • dan4877

    I was worried about this… I’m looking into getting one myself. Has anyone had these issues with a screen protector installed?

  • dan4877

    Throw a screen protector on it from xoskins .com. Got one on mine and it’s holding up great.

  • I had this tablet for about 32 hours screen cracked thin hearline crack it is well documented that this product is faulty in this area, rang ASUS guess what warrenty dosnt cover the screen. How can that be right with something that is tottaly dependent on the screen but, Tescos, Asus, Google will never get another penny from me. As for support have you actually tried to get suport from any of these companies dosnt exist. Took ASUS & Gooogle four months to tern out rubbish. That is what the Nexus 7 is, post sent from my old but working Motorola XOOM.

  • carlos aquino

    My Nexus7 screen cracked. After searching google for Nexus 7 screen crack, I came across several of these posts with “lift” spotted on the tablet’s left side. I checked mine and sure enough, it is lifting on the left side and the crack is located just below the lift. It cracked across the entire screen from left to right. This is after 5 days of normal/light use!!! It was not dropped and I’ve taken good care of all my tablets. This one was in a silicone skin and had a screen protector on it. I’ve had 2 iPads and a Galaxy Tab. None have had ANY issues with hardware. Thanks Google/Asus. For those who are interested, the Nexus 7 is currently at Asus for repair. The phone rep said this is not a warranty repair, but the tech will contact me with the result of their inspection. I informed the phone rep about these posts which could be found easily by searching google and in my opinion this is a manufacturer defect! I urge any of you who have noticed the screen lifting to replace your devices ASAP before it cracks from the uneven/bulging pressure on the glass. Mine was sitting overnight on my desk and I noticed the crack in the morning upon turning it on.

  • Gary233932

    Lancefield, I took mine back to tesco’s. (Skipton Store) The woman phoned tesco direct and was told there’s a lot being returned with a hairline crack to the screen (not the LED panel.) I was given a refund with no trouble, try a store you may get more luck.

  • M Manville

    Slipped my 3 week old N7 in my cargo pants pocket for an otherwise uneventful 10 min ride to work yesterday. When I got to work & pulled it out, there it was, a “spider web” crack pattern emanating from the middle of the left side. No drops or anything, the most stress it would have come under was sitting down in my car set, as the pants leg “tighten” a bit when you sit — but they still were pretty loose, it couldn’t have been THAT much stress.
    Perhaps related, it seemed to me in using it over the weekend that the touchscreen was getting a little less responsive, numerous times it seemed to “lose contact” and drop when I was dragging objects in games (tiles in Words with Friends, etc). Maybe this was a symptom of it starting to “separate.” Now, after the crack, the touchscreen is completely unresponsive.
    Reading here, it seems like Google/Asus’s policy is to acknowledgte this problem and replace the unit if you detect the defect BEFORE it creates a crack, but once it does, they stop acknowledging the flaw & accepting responsibility? Is this the correct conclusion? How messed up is THAT? Shame on ME for not being anal and examing the product carefully for their defects, a barely detectable 1mm rise ?!?
    I haven’t contacted google or asus yet. I’m hoping against hope that when I do, they make this right. I’ll post here again with my results. C’mon google, be true to your company motto, “don’t be evil.”

    • Exact same thing happened to me yesterday.

      Put it in my pants pocket and went around on my motorbike. When I reached my destination and pulled it out, the same spider web crack from the left side.

      I’m super bummed cause I saved my entire month’s salary for this thing and it broke just after 1 month. I’m dropping by the service center tomorrow to see what they can do about it, but from reading stories here, I doubt they’ll do anything.

      Just have to hope for the best. I can’t afford another one. Even if I could, I probably wont stick with any google/asus products anymore.

      Mine cracked exactly the same way as this.

  • Lochana Menikarachchi

    My Nexus 7 (16GB) started developing screen lift on the left side after 4 weeks.. Will be sending it back..

    • Lochana Menikarachchi

      Got a replacement. Second one is even worse. Sent it back for a refund. I gave up on Nexus 7 ! I believe non-defective ones don’t exist!!

  • Consumer

    I purchase a nexus for my daughter’s b-day, after five days it finally made it to my hands. Right away i noticed a speckle of dust on the left side of the glass it was in between where the edge of the device and the glass should meet. I further inspected it and noticed the glass was warped. It was not only separated from the edge it was also bent up in that area. Immediately I went online to check out the warranty and was disappointed to see ASUS policy expecting the customer to pay for packaging and such. I had purchased the Nexus at Staples which allows you to return items within 14 days of purchase. So I returned it and got another one, this one I inspected at the store and in fact this one also has a tiny little gap but it’s too small to make fuzz about. Before I returned it I took pictures to share. The NEXUS is fantastic the hardware (glass) not so much. When you buy one (which I recommend) open it there and check it out before taking it home. Hope this Helps.