Google’s brand new flagship Nexus 7 tablet has officially launched today. It started shipping yesterday from various UK retailers, Gamestop in the US started sending out confirmations that those who pre-ordered could pick theirs up, and Google’s Play Store has begun shipping all pre-orders as of this afternoon. We are now seeing multiple retailers and sites across the US already selling out — which is a good sign for Google but a bad sign if you haven’t ordered one yet.

Gamestop told Reuters they’ve already sold out of two full shipments that were allocated for pre-orders, and are currently awaiting more to sell to the public. Gamestop spokesman said they won’t have more until August, so that is bad news. Sam’s Club is already listing the tablet as out-of-stock, and we are hearing the same report from Walmart and Staples. It appears however that Office Depot still has stock, and are continuing to accept pre-orders online.

It’s safe to say that on the first day of “availability” the new Google and ASUS Nexus 7 tablet is selling extremely well — which should hardly be a surprise. Being the first tablet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, while also rocking a quad-core processor all for $199 it’s hard to pass up. We are still waiting for official details from the multiple UK retailers carrying the tablet. Although the first to start shipping was Ebuyer, and it appears they still have plenty. Heading to you’ll quickly notice they still have at least 500 available for pre-order.

Hopefully if you wanted one you’ve already pre-ordered from the Google Play Store, since they should all be shipped within the next 3 business days. With previous ASUS tablets like the Transformer Prime product was no where near the demand, so hopefully this time around they’ve prepared for much higher sales. We’ll continue to monitor the progress and availability of the Nexus 7 as the weekend rolls around. Who’s already received their tablet?

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  • I really wish that they would update the shipping info on google wallet… I expect more communication from freaking GOOGLE! However, I did notice that the transaction moved to the top of my purchase queue, which at least means that something has happened as of late…

    and I am certainly not one of the apparent mob of people who are ready to never buy a nexus product direct from google in the future just because of the slight miscommunication. come on guys, you would think that google had murdered a family member based on your reactions… gamestop was not supposed to fulfill the orders yet and now are suspended until sunday…

    • all Google Play orders will be shipped in the next 3 business days.. Google confirmed that.

  • freeme

    got an email from play store tonight around 0930 PM Central time, it is shipped with an UPS tracking number, I ordered it the day the device was announce at the io coneference. Finally!!

  • Brandon Dean

    I got mine this afternoon. I ordered it from Adorama yesterday when I heard they were selling them already. I absolutely love it. I runs so smoothly!

  • suz

    I have received mine but it is faulty πŸ™ was so excited when it arrived to. Is anyone else having problems? Mine keep going into standby…sometimes works for 20 mins, sometimes for a couple of minutes then flashes at me….gutted πŸ™ will have to send back and get a replacement

    • got my tablet yesterday. would not give me a set-up screen nor would not hard reboot after i got through to teh support after 52 minutes on hold. it also would not turn off for 30 minutes.

      • Wow, that would be frustrating indeed! Finally get the thing and it sits there like a brick. Get it working yet?

  • DThornton

    I bet Apple will love reading about that! lol

  • stevie-lee

    I got an email from google play saying that it had been shipped and the email includes a UPS number for tracking. It links to UPS and says that it can’t track the number. The email says it may take 24 hours for the number to work. More than 24 hours. I can imagine this thing getting lost….

    • Might not update on weekend.. Be patient buddy

      • stevie-lee

        reminds me of when I was taking a class at a community college and they told me that the online registration only worked between 9am-5pm.