Last week was all about Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet, and it appears this week might sing a similar tune. The tablet started shipping from a few UK retailers early last week, then hit the U.S. in a flood from Staples, Gamestop, and then Google. They confirmed all pre-orders would ship within 3 business days. Today however the same could be starting for the UK.

The Android developer community friend and familiar name Paul O’Brien has confirmed this over on Twitter. Stating that his UK Google Play Store pre-order for the Nexus 7 has finally been charged, and shipping is imminent. While this technically is news, when Google stated all pre-orders would ship within 3 business days they could have meant for all — not just the US.

We know the U.S. news had a few UK readers asking questions, so this should confirm for those who’ve ordered from Google themselves. We originally heard July 20th for the UK. If you’re in that region and pre-ordered with Google on their Play Store have you received a shipping confirmation yet? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. Oh and in case you missed it, the Nexus 7 received another small OTA update last night. Users will be greeted with a few updates out of the box.

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  • Dustin Wen

    I preordered on June 27 in the US , and still have no confirmation =(. I’m thinking its because I ordered a case with mine

    • Google did say 3 business days as of Friday. Hopefully you hear something today or tomorrow.

  • njwrigley

    I ordered from Google Play 27th June. I live in the UK and have heard nothing at all, except the original receipt. I don’t know if my card has been charged yet. I get the feeling that Google will need to take a look at this shipping thing for any other products that they launch… it seems to have gathered some fairly bad feeling on some blogs.

    • siva

      Check again. Mine’s just been charged.

      • njwrigley

        Thanks for posting – regrettably – mine is not updated. I really should calm down, I’m just childishly excited, and want it yesterday!

  • Siva

    Just checked my credit card account (20.24 16/7/12 UK time) and it’s been charged!!!!! Christmas is around the corner!!!!

    • JohnyP

      Me too, card charged 7pm UK time!

  • Ordered 7.30pm UK 27th June.
    I have heard absolutely nothing, card not charged.

  • Wills

    Ordered 28th June (uk) and card charged today 16th July, but no confirmation e-mail as shipped yet!

  • JonJJon

    My bank account has been authorised but not yet charged (the available amount it a Nexus 7 worth’s less) and no status change on Google Wallet and no email, seems Google want’s to authorise all the payments and then send them the next day I.e. tomorrow 🙁 ah well hope raised prematurely.

  • No sign of mine yet 🙁 *cry* ordered from the UK over a week ago via the Play Store – perhaps I should have procrastinated less in the first place! 🙂

  • Paul Sanderson

    My credit card has a pending charge so I guess that’s good.
    I’m really cross / disappointed at the total lack of information from Google, and particularly that they have shipped to retailers first – so that pre-ordering on Play was the wrong way to get early product – pretty shabby!

    • JonJJon

      To be honest the Nexus 7 wasn’t going to be going to retailers at all, but Asus shipped it to them anyway so Google kind of got put on the spot and caught out. I will order from the Play Store again as I will always prefer to go through Google themselves, it was a little annoying but I mean a few days is no biggy for something that is a bit of luxury fun.

    • Paul Sanderson

      30 hours later still the same pending charge on the credit card (16:46 on 16th July). Still no shipment email, still no reply to several enquiry emails to Google Commerce.
      I’m pretty relaxed, but I cannot help thinking that Google are getting off to a poor start – they are going head to head with Amazon – selling the hardware at cost and relying on purchases from Play. But Amazon Prime gets you free next day shipping – Play charges £9 for 2 day shipping. Amazon content is cheaper and Play in the UK wont even have the compelling content. So perhaps we take the lovely cost price hardware and buy content (certainly books) from Amazon – who’s won then?
      We will see how it all shakes out in a few months, but my feeling at the moment is that Google is so pleased to hit a nice price performance point that they have lost sight of keeping the customer satisfied.

  • Ricky

    Finally my account has been charged but no shipping details yet I live in UK so hopefully should be at my door step soon..

  • JMc

    Google play seems to be the only one charging for delivery and still are only comitting too shipping in 1- 2 weeks. Also $15 play credit also seems available else where. SO absolutely no reason to buy through google what so ever unless you wanted the 8gb version. Felling a little hard done by, considering this tablet is soley designed for google play this is not getting things off to a good start 🙁

  • Mike Demo

    Ordered 3RD still no charge on my card, so no nexus in the post.
    Seem’s like Google have really let us down. But I’m sure in a few weeks time I will have forgot about searching the web every night for the last few weeks trying to find out every thing I could the rumours, the gossip, the lies and the frustration or not yet having this piece of equipment in my life …………

  • I’m in Australia. Checked my credit this morning (17.07.2012) and it’s been charged too. Google says two day shipping – it will be the longest two days EVER!!!!!!!!

  • JohnyP

    Ha Ha… The Google Play site now says delivery in 2-3 weeks. Yesterday it was 1-2 weeks. Love to know what’s going on behind the scenes at Google! Bet there’s lots of panicing and shouting! I’ve given up hoping it’ll arrive any time soon. Maybe they should double the price to choke off demand!! joke:)

    • dermutt

      The 2-3 weeks would be for new orders I presume.

  • Kchan283

    Waiting for TNT to deliver today. Tracking says out for delivery… Excited. BTW from UK

    • emptybee

      Did you order 8GB or 16GB Kchan?

  • mikec

    no sign of mine – no payment taken. Thiks is total c**p.

  • Dan Allsobrook

    Ordered 29th June from Google Play. Card still not charged; no update on Google Wallet. I’m in the UK. Waiting (almost) patiently…

  • Paul

    Ordered 28th Jun in UK, heard nothing and no reply to my question to Google asking about shipping times.

    Annoying that other stores are shipping, and even more annoying to hear of Google Play orders made weeks after mine shipping before mine.

    • mikec

      I’m in the same situation as you – ordered 29th June, chased on 14th July – no reply. It’s disappointing that Google can’t get this right!

  • I have a query … I booked mine on 30th june ….and i was charged at that time too…. and now i was charged again yesterday … Why i was charged twice ? Has anyone else faced the same?

  • masterpfa

    Still waiting here in the UK

    Checking my account almost every hour, anyway got to get some sleep now, there’s always some hope that I will awake to a confirmation email and shipping details.

    Had I known it was going to be released to retailers I might have taken that option, although I wanted to support Google and order from the Play Store, never again, as they say once bitten, twice shy!

  • Angry Tom

    Google… you have until 6:00pm to ship my Nexus or cram it up your a*se, I’ll buy an Ipad instead. Just ship the orders and stop being such pr*cks!!

  • madAndroid

    has anyone received actual delivery confirmation from the Google Play store?
    My credit card account has a payment pending, but I’ve not had any confirmation of delivery / payment yet …

  • bain225

    Had an email confirming dispatch and a TNT tracking code! eeeek!

  • Stub0

    Ordered on the 9th just got an email that its been shipped with a TNT tracking no! Hopefully not too long to wait now

  • Hobbbiit

    Pre-Ordered mine from the google play store on the 12th July, just got my diispated confirmation email about 10mins ago:) ….. very excited and cant wait til friday!

  • This is truly amazing – ordered mine on 2nd July from UK Google Play, no charge yet, no indication of it coming either.

    The truly amazing bit? I keep visiting my credit card account _willing it_ to have been charged 200 quid!

    All will be forgotten when the tablet is awesome.

  • Alan

    Ordered an 8Gb from the UK Play store 10th July, received shipping email 19.04 tonight, safely within Google’s 1-2 week prediction.

    I remember waiting 3.5 months for the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum, after Sinclair had cashed my cheque. Glad things are a bit swifter these days!

  • parky6

    this really is a joke – i pre-ordered on the 3rd of july, have had no communication at all, have asked two questions through the online systems with not even a single response. i was only purchasing this as a test device for my job at a large corporation where i set the strategy for mobile device usage – and believe me if this is how regular consumers are treated I will make sure we stick with iOS only 3LM or no 3LM this is a joke pure and simple

  • Carrato

    How come a big company like google be like this send many email to google n nothing back. How we do a preorder and we r the last one to get this ! Now we all know how google deal with with us. May we never do it again

  • madAndroid
  • Kristie

    My 8GB Nexus 7 just arrived. Ordered 30 June, shipping email received last night just after 5pm!