This is some interesting news. Sadly Google isn’t known for selling hardware, so their support and communication seems to be a bit lacking. Everyone who pre-ordered the brand new impressive Nexus 7 quad-core Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet still doesn’t know when it will actually arrive. Today however it appears some pre-orders are “prepared for shipment” or have actually shipped — just not from Google.

Several retailers in the UK will only be carrying the 16GB $249 flavor of the Nexus 7, and according to SlashGear might be ready, or have already shipped some. UK retailer Ebuyer received their stock quite early based on reports from some anonymous tips, and one Google+ user reported his pre-order had been updated to “being prepared for shipment.”

Earlier this morning Ebuyer’s site listed the device in stock, but it was quickly sold out and now is back to pre-order status only. We aren’t sure if this is all a misunderstanding or Google still holding the reigns on retailers — but they better tell everyone who pre-ordered something here shortly. The 8GB version will only be available via the Google Play Store, and the multiple etailers and retailers in the UK will all have 16GB stock. We are hearing reports of July 19th being the shipping date too, but until Google confirms anything it’s still up in the air. Be sure to stay tuned and let us know in the comments or the TIP US line if your order ships or changes.

Update: We’ve had multiple tips come in this afternoon claiming Ebuyer has processed users orders (as in taken their money,) and shipped the Nexus 7. Obviously we can’t confirm it at this time, but a few tips are claiming their tablets will arrive tomorrow with overnight shipping. What’s going on Google?

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  • Feenox

    Ebuyer has changed all orders to pending, fyi.

  • Snitch

    Google are abysmal when it comes to selling hardware. Why didn’t they hand the distribution to Asus to take care of? For all their negatives the fruit named company seem to get this part right. Still waiting…its not funny anymore, Google your silence is deafening.

    • Kev50027

      Hey impatient petulant customer of Google. They told you “middle of July”, so hold your darn horses.

      • Tony

        Hey there “quick to jump in and depend a crap company”.. its 17th July, order day of pre orders 27th June.. not a peep from Google, bitter sweet taste in my mouth from an Apple to Google convert. One lost customer, mines getting refused and I aint buying it. The prelaunch has not been “bad” its been “embarrassing”, my little order of two units aint gonna much difference, but there will be many more following… bye bye Google, glad to see back of ya! Dumping everything “Google”.. bye bye Gmail too..

      • Kev50027

        Hahaha! You’re complaining after coming from Apple? You do realize that the iPhone 4 launch was a complete disaster, and makes this look normal, right? Even after the iPhone 4 was launched and the pre-order disasters were over, new owners started noticing their calls dropped when they held the phone. This resulted in the immature response from Jobs saying that customers were holding the phone wrong, then he said that every phone has the same problem, before saying it’s not really a problem at all. Finally, to fix this (non problem), he offered a free rubber band. On top of all of this, he said if you don’t like it, return it. If you’ve ever worked in customer service, you know that blaming customers, backpedaling, blaming competitors, then offering to patch the problem after claiming it’s not a problem is the worst thing you can do.

        Now you’re getting rid of Gmail because you can’t wait a few days for a new tablet? Seriously? I can see why when I worked at Apple the employees constantly complained that their customers were impatient, petulant assholes. They were right. You should go back to Apple, Google doesn’t want you.

  • When they said “Mid-July”, I hoped that meant I would have it in time to go on vacation the third week of the month. Oh well… I guess when you consider the percentage of the human population waking up like “Awww snap, malaria!” waiting a little longer for a tablet isn’t that terrible.

    • Kev50027

      What if you have malaria AND you’re waiting for a tablet? What if you only have a few days and want your tablet before you kick the bucket? You have to consider all the variables 😉

  • UPS to deliver to me yesterday but i was away! I have not ordered anything else and just heading home now. Excited!

    • Phil Saar

      and did u get it????

      • If you got your N7 please post a comment below guys

  • Kirk Hughes

    Just got email from Ebuyer to say my item has been shipped. I opted for next day delivery so I will let you know tomorrow. FIngers crossed as I would love this before the weekend

  • hamboy

    Ebuyer has changed my order status to ‘invoiced’ and given me a tracking number. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.

  • mystic777

    I was on the phone with my CC company at about 2pm EST and they said the Google charge was pending as of today (7/12). On our receipt it says: “You will not be charged until your order has shipped.” This is very exciting news! I am on the East Coast.

    • Kev50027

      Weird, I was charged when I ordered it on the 7th.

  • JonJJon

    What’s going on Google? What’s going on is they have screwed up. Complete shambles of a launch considering their own Play Store customers are seemingly being shunned.

  • Akonn

    Mine is with Parcel Force as I write (13/7/12 7.30 am and will be here today.

  • Mani C

    I got nexus 7 delivered this morning

    • Phil Saar

      reall<??? where do u live in the uk and when did u order it? i ordered mine on the first of july to london

  • d

    Why the hell are orders with the likes of eBuyer etc shipping prior to Google Play orders shipping? I ordered mine on 4th July to come to me in UK. I spoke to Google in USA yesterday and said it would ship within the next 12 hours and I’d receive a tracking number soon….Just over 24 hours later I still have had no confirmation of shipping email or tracking number….It is a little bit pants really, even if they did state “mid-July”. Companies need to learn communication with customers is KEY!!! Waiting for shipment does not annoy me as much as a lack of communication.

    • d

      I have just spoken with Google Play in USA again & was told that the info in my previous comment was incorrect and they actually don’t have a ship date at all yet – they have been getting many calls from customers saying their friends have had them shipped by they are mystified that people are saying this (when bought from play store) seeing that no date yet certain. Retailers / online E-tailers have slightly different stock levels and ship dates / availability etc so they may well ship before Google store ships.

  • degs62

    If I’d have known retailers would ship before google I would have gone to them and saved the £9.99 postage Google charged.

  • Robot

    I have mine from Ebuyer too!

  • On the 20th I am going to walk into either PC World, Currys or HMV and pick mine up. PC World and Currys will have it available 19th. HMV will have it available 16th. No waiting.

  • paraiba

    Received mine yesterday from ebuyer.

  • zemo munro

    Pre-ordered 2 from PC World in Uk it was one step ahead of Google play by offering free delivery saving a few quid just hope the free delivery is up to scratch…its bad enough waiting for goggle to sort out and communicate their shipping dates just hope that PC World doesnt add insult to injury with its delivery…We will see!

  • GRE

    I’m incredibly frustrated by the wait and lack of communication from Google. I pre-ordered mine on 2nd July and not a single update has come. Spoke to Google yesterday morning (UK time) and was assured that before the end of the day I’d get confirmation the item had been shipped and a tracking number. 24 hours later, nothing. Fed up!!