Who wants a case for that shiny new Nexus 7? When Google announced their much anticipated Nexus 7 tablet at Google IO it immediately went up for pre-order on their Play Store. Along with it was an official case that sold out in a matter of minute and has since been listed as “coming soon.” If you want a real case for the Nexus 7 (not a homemade one from the Kindle) they are available now.

The Google Play Store has just added the official ASUS/Google Nexus 7 dark grey case to “In Stock” and shipping in 3-5 days. Most likely we’ll be seeing this case sell out, possibly by the end of the day. So you should probably act now if you want one. Hopefully the colorful ones ASUS teased are coming soon.

The cases appear to have no sort of magnet for auto on/off like we discovered a few weeks back, so that is a bummer but an easy fix. The case comes with the same neat finish on the rear, has a matte coating and is dark grey. It offers full port access to micro-USB charging and syncing, as well as the headphone jack so that shouldn’t be a problem. They are available right this minute for just $19.99 but probably won’t last long. Hit the link below and buy your own today.

Play Store Link

[device id=2841]

— Thanks Nikki!

  • Christopher Carr

    “That $25 free you got with the Nexus 7 could come in handy right about now.”

    Not spendable in the devices section, unless I’m mistaken?

    And at any rate, the case sucks. I would wait for something better.

    • you’re right.

      • EViL3

        Looks similar in make to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 case – So as a guess, this case will be a much better fit, thinner and stronger than all the other junk available..

  • Mr. Mojo Risin

    Portenzo makes an awesome (although more expensive) case for the Nexus 7, I just ordered one. Go check them out!

    • What the… $20 for junk?!?

      The build is probably nice but the featured case is UGLY! The Portenzo cases are SIGNIFICANTLY more expense (were talking $40 – 60 bucks… for a case…)

      For me, I guess it’s amazon junk until something better comes out.

  • dantes666

    i was ok with the $20 for the case, but $10 shipping and tax on top of that? No thanks…

  • Weezer

    No magnet and just plain ugly to boot, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon to look for one