The refreshed Nexus 7 seems to be showing up everywhere, with reports of the tablet becoming available across Europe and Asia. But while the rest of the world awaits the arrival of the LTE version of the Nexus 7 next month, it seems that people from Germany and Italy will be able to get their hands on it in advance.

Launched just last month, the Nexus 7 has been high on the list of many Android users who have been eagerly waiting to purchase the device. And we can’t blame them. The Nexus 7 is absolutely desirable and is totally worth the price jump over last year’s model. With it’s full HD screen, stereo speakers, stunning performance, thin profile, and approachable price tag, the Nexus 7 should be the standard of all 7-inch Android tablets in the market. For more details on what makes this tablet amazing, you can take a peek at our review here.

The Nexus 7 has started to become available in many markets, with the UK and Japan added to that list yesterday. However, those are only the WiFi models of the device. An LTE version has, of course, been promised since launch, but leaks and news have put the release date around the middle of September, at least for the UK and Japan, with a US release sure to follow soon. Now there are reports that indicate that the Nexus 7 LTE version is already available in Italy and Germany, way ahead of schedule.

The device isn’t available yet on Google’s Play Store, but it seems that some retailers and even manufacturers are already selling it. The Nexus 7 LTE, which will only come in a 32 GB configuration, is tagged at 349 euros, or around $466, quite a bump from the $349 US price.

VIA: Android Authority

  • Markus

    Where are you getting your information? Maybe you should verify… The N7 2013 32GB WIFI/LTE was announced 2 weeks ago and available for pre-order at Media Markt and Saturn. The sale officially started yesterday. Just the play store is not selling it yet as Google tried to ease the selling by spreading the sale to the largest resellers in Germany.

    • kraygh

      There’s nothing wrong with the article. Pre-order has nothing to do with current availability.

      • Markus

        Please read my comment again. I’m writing about the availablility. The pre-order was announced 2 weeks ago (as written above). The device (N7 2013 32GB WIFI/LTE) is finally available since August 28th and within the announced schedule.

      • Craig Pierson

        I’m just not sure what you are criticizing. The LTE version is not available NOW except in the few countries the article mentioned. In America (me), I am still awaiting release. All sites still show ‘pre-order’ with estimated availability later in September. There is still no release date for USA at this time.