Nexus 7 3G headed to Play Store this October

September 3, 2012

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ASUS and Google's Nexus 7 tablet has caused quite a stir in the tablet market and now Google may be readying a 3G/4G version of the popular slate. A few quiet rumors have been floating around regarding at least a 3G HSPA+ version that they could easily sell on their Play Store according to MoDaCo.

Since Google debuted the 8 and 16GB WiFi model many have been wishing for two things. One being 3G or 4G connectivity, and the second being a micro-SD card. Obviously we won't be seeing the second one, but a 4G LTE Nexus 7 would be awesome if you ask us. What do you guys think?

The newly detailed model could be launching in as soon as six weeks -- so that puts a connected Nexus 7 tablet hitting the streets around October and just in time for holiday sales. According to the various tips and whispers the hardware will be exactly the same (which is awesome) except the addition of the new radios.

According to the source, ASUS has already ramped up their production of both WiFi and the new 3G/4G LTE model to prepare for the onslaught of additional sales. We still don't know how many of the original WiFi model have been sold, but a 3G model would only increase sales. The impressive and powerful tablet debuted at $199, but we have no details on a possible pricing structure for the 3G variation. Whether Google will work with carriers, or just offer a 3G HSPA+ model in their Play Store isn't yet known. They've been pushing hardware sales to their web market so that is where we expect the new tablet to go on sale. We'll update when we hear more.

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  • makes me sad that in switzerland is still to arrive the wi-fi version

    • Joe

      But you have the “Federer Express”

      • huum have no idea what is that google tells me its tennis or horses, and im not interested in neither

  • Paul_Werner

    Well this would be easy as they have the radio for LTE in all of them, it’s just turned off. I saw this in a video by All About Android. It’s a few episodes back from the current one and it was at the very end, I don’t have a link though

  • Joe

    I`d tap that ! T-mo ???

  • bikeridinman

    I love mine.

  • This makes me very upset. If Verizon don’t get this then I will have to pay full price for it. If Verizon does get it I’m going to look fuuny talking into a tablet

  • bender

    3G/4G + 32GB Storage and it is the perfect tablet…

  • fart

    but I just bought 2 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Misleading garbage. The headline is ‘Nexus 7 3G headed to Play Store this October’ but then you go on to quote rumors and say ‘maybe’ throughout the article. I’m saddened.

  • The storage is enough to download can download more games to play,like hi billy ,also the wi-fi version is good .