Today has been full of excitement and random news with Google’s own Sundar Pichai announcing Android 4.4 will officially be called KitKat. Along with the announcement was our first pictures of the KitKat statue going up on the Google HQ lawn, just like previous years, but something caught a few eagle-eyed viewers eyes. Did Google just accidentally unveil the new LG Nexus 5? Possible, but they quickly pulled the video.

Just like previous Android releases Google gets another awesome Andy statue to go on their front lawn, and this time was a big chocolate statue. Like previous years they make a wonderful little video and show off the moment, and let us all relive it. However, one Google employee who was also recording the event (at 38 seconds in) appears to be holding a mysterious device. This likely is the Nexus 5 folks.

We’ve reported on countless rumors surrounding the next Nexus device from Google, and many believe it will be another LG device similar to the LG G2 announced last month. A few rumors suggested the LG G2 will be the base for the Nexus 5, just like the 4, but the design will closely resemble the new ASUS-made Nexus 7. Complete with a matte back and a similar design around the camera. We reported on this rumor, and now the device seen in the video below appears to confirm those reports.

Update: Google’s since pulled the video, but once on the internet, always on the internet. Check it out.


What you see above is the purported LG Nexus 5 right in the hands of a Google employee. We’re willing to bet it’s also running some form of Android 4.4 KitKat too, but that’s just a crazy wild guess. If previous reports and the LG G2 base for a design is correct, here’s what to expect. A 5.2-inch 1080p HD display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core at 2.3 GHz and 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and a massive 3,000 mAh battery for all day usage.

We’re not going to speculate too much here, but we’ve heard the new Nexus will be quite powerful and match the Nexus 4 on pricing. Well, before the price cuts last week. Get excited folks, and hopefully it supports 4G LTE on all major US carriers, including Verizon.

VIA: SlashGear

  • bob


  • In that picture the N kind of looks like the Motorola M logo. Maybe the new “M”exus line?

    • At the bottom you can see the LG logo and branding.. It’s LG guys

      • Captain_Doug

        Definitely LG.

      • Yup.. As long as Verizon LTE is included (hopefully) I’ll be happy. Or I’m switching to ATT. haha

      • Didn’t see that before. Well wishful thinking maybe!

      • Captain_Doug

        So long Verizon.

  • Morgan Glassco

    Itching for a new phone. N5 with some high end (maybe Nikon) optics sounds really nice!

    • undeadwolfy

      I really, really hope that Nikon rumour is true.

      • Morgan Glassco

        If it does, I am buying it period. I will even leave behind my grandfathered Unlimited 4G VZW to get it. Love me some Nikons, I have the D600 and D90. Both great cameras


    Looks like LG branding at the bottom to me.
    But is clear that this was made up (deliberate) to get the atention of the people.
    And they did it, well.

  • gary

    Looks more like a design from ASUS

  • Zachary Morris

    I feel like they do this shit on purpose to generate buzz.

  • Rachit

    What happened to the “n?” Looks like “exus” lol. Also looks amazing, though..

    • Kristoff119

      Just the angle. If you watch the video on YouTube or elsewhere you can see it fully.

  • marclee

    I don’t want a 5 inch phone, it’s just too big for me, and makes me less want to get a nexus 7

    • newsjunkieintl

      the 5.2″ LG G2 with super slim bezel is SMALLER than the 5.0″ Sony Xperia Z. It’s not too big. It’s smaller than some 5″ phones.

      • Exactly

      • marclee

        nexus 4 is already the max size i can use with one hand, you beat that and i don’t care you put a 6.0″ on it.

      • newsjunkieintl

        Then go buy a crappy 4.7″ 720 Moto X just like your 4.7″ 720 Nexus 4. I want a bigger screen. I’ve had two 4.65″ 720p Galaxy Nexus and I want AT LEAST 5″ 1080p this time.

        Here’s a comparison of the Nexus 4 and LG G2 specs:
        Nexus 4:
        5.27 x 2.70 x 0.36 inches (133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm)

        5.45 x 2.79 x 0.35 inches (138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm)
        A nickel is .008″ for reference. So, G2 is taller, yes. Only shade over nickel wider (0.09″). And is actually thinner by a hair than the Nexus 4.

      • Kristoff119

        Then the nexus 5 will work for you since it’s smaller than the nexus 4, even though it has a larger screen.

    • AndroidShiz

      My S4 is basically the same size as my N4. It’s all about the bezels. Remember the 5″ Dell Streak? Another example of a big useless bezel would be every iPhone ever made. So yeah..

  • Vanessa

    hi.i am thinking to buy nexus s.does it good choice.and does it run hd games without any lag (like gta 3,gta vice city,nova,modern combat,need for speed most wanted).what about battery kindly guide me….

    • Nexus S… old as shit. Get the Nexus 4 now it’s $100 off on the Play Store.

    • Kristoff119

      Do your self a favor and get the Nexus 4 or wait for the next one coming out in the next month or two, especially if you’re prone to dropping phones.

  • reinadeoz

    As previously explained, Google Nexus branded devices tend to be some of the cheapest around and although the Nexus 4 was first launched for £239 SIM free (8GB) and £279 (16GB) respectively, the Nexus 5 will probably launch for around these pricepoints.

  • G2 Forum

    Interesting how the branding on the bottom looks like LG but the camera placement and flash placement is like the new Xperia Z1.

    • the camera placement is that of the Nexus 7. Google wants them to look similar. Makes sense.

  • James

    why would the nexus branding be horizontal on the phone, doesnt make sense!?

    • Kristoff119

      Just to match the new N7, I imagine.

  • Joe from Iowa

    What a cheap, lame and totally predicable publicity stunt from Google. As if we’re supposed to believe this wasnt totally planned from the start. Reminds me of the uber-lame stunt Brin pulled off when he wore that ridiculous Glass on the Subway, a picture taken by a “wearable computer enthusiast” btw. Try harder Google…

  • AndroidShiz

    Black dude’s like “Why I gotta have the 5MP GNexus?”

  • AndroidShiz

    Oh BTW, that guy simply has HUGE hands. And you KNOW what that means. His wife is a very VERY happy lady… Because he can massage her whole back with one hand. He’s just holding a Nexus 7 so chill.

  • Jimmy

    Does anyone recognise they guy holding this “Nexus 5” ?

  • jeffontheedge

    Sooo…did he lose his job? We’ll never know.

    • Nikhil Apte

      If anything, the video editing team will be to blame!