The Nexus 5 is back in stock on the Play Store. The 16GB version, which was previously sold out, has quietly made its way back to the eSales floor. While the 32GB variant ships by the 26th of November, the 16GB option is a bit more coy about a delivery date.

Currently, the Play Store notes the 16GB Nexus 5 “leaves warehouse in 3-4 weeks”, which is subject to change. As we all know, when the Play Store underestimates demand, order shipping dates are pushed back. If we see another run on the 16GB version, that 3-4 week timeline becomes a bit more suspect.

Of course, by now we’re away from the initial fervor surrounding the newest Nexus. The Play Store was also amazing this year when it came to order time. Unlike the Nexus 4 launch, ordering went smoothly. While not quite to the level of an Amazon, Google has come a long way with their online ordering in a years’ time. With that, we don’t expect there to be another massive run on the device.

If you want the Nexus 5, you shouldn’t be hasty about ordering, though. When the devices sell out on the Play Store, they often don’t come back right away. There are other avenues (carriers) to grab a Nexus 5, but those come at a premium. If you’re on the fence, check out our Nexus 5 review. Also, keep in mind that the camera is set to receive an update soon, which should help with some of the issues the phone is seeing.

  • seancaldwell

    I’m curious where the November 26th date for the 32 gig came from? I ordered mine November 12 and it still shows a December 3 ship date. Hoping they are being conservative.

    • Vlad the Impaler

      My date is November 26th for the 32GB black ordered on the 3rd. It depends when you placed the order, but I think that is the first wave of the second overall production run.