We have some good news and bad news regarding LG and Google's popular Nexus 4 smartphone to share. We've been rather quiet regarding this entire "out of stock" situation, but seriously it's extremely sad and sort of pathetic to be completely honest. Google and LG seemingly have blown what could have been an awesome device and a top notch launch.

Basically this has to be one of the worst product launches ever considering the huge amount of hype. The excellent top-tier hardware and software all combined into an excellent and budget friendly price really was impressive, then comes the "limited availability" and out of stock issue. While we won't get into that too much here, lets just say this was a blown opportunity.

It's now January 14th and the Google Play Store has been out of stock for way way too long, T-Mobile stores haven't had any devices for weeks either, and users that were able to get lucky and buy one from the Play Store are probably still waiting for it to ship. Seriously. Samsung can sell and ship 30 million Galaxy S III phones! What's going on here Google and LG?


OK now that I'm done ranting we'd like to confirm our earlier reports that T-Mobile stores across the US will be getting stock this month of the hard-to-find Nexus 4. The screenshot above confirms they're headed to stores. The bad news however, is the shipments could be rather small with this particular store only getting 5 devices. Those will last what - 15 minutes before they are sold out. Hopefully other stores in larger cities have a much higher count, but for now we're not going to hold our breath.

For those still interested (and not turned off by the sad affair of trying to actually buy one) head into your local T-Mobile store over the next few days and maybe you'll get lucky and be able to snag the quad-core Android 4.2 Jelly Bean powered LG Nexus 4. Otherwise, better luck next time Google.

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[via TmoNews]

  • nexus 4 lover

    I ordered it the day it went online and it came about two weeks later and I am loving my nexus 4

  • Any ideas on the pricing? T-Mobile website shows an unlocked, out of contract Nexus 4 for $549!

    • John

      On Amazon you can get one for 400. 50 bucks more than what Google is offering for 16 gig.

  • Dick Head

    Mine one sitting in USA in my brother house and it come to India only in second week of Feb 2013

  • Yo Momma

    This is stupid, and I’m pretty sure Google is doing it on purpose as to not get into problem with other Android phone sellers such as Samsung.
    It sucks Bawls

  • carl dagdale

    just a warning i went to a t-mobile store today because they were supposed to get a shipment of nexus 4 phones and they are selling it for 600 not 350 so the question is i suppose is paying an extra 250 for the phone now worth it?

  • The Nexus 7 release kind of sucked to with a lot of people who pre-ordered left out in the cold where as the devices started popping up at retailers.