On Friday of last week we began seeing reports of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in-the-wild, and while we are still yet to see anything official from Google, we do have another sighting. And nicely done, this latest has arrived in video form. This video comes by way of the Czech language SmartMania.cz website which means we now have three markets where 4.2.2 has been spotted.

The interesting part here, the video, which is 7 minutes in total — does not mention (or show) anything about the handset running Android 4.2.2 until almost the end. In fact, it appears as if it was just casually dropped in at the 6:35 minute mark. If anything though, this latest 4.2.2 sighting does add some credibility to the previous sighting and reports.

Otherwise, as this was sort of just a mention in the video, it didn’t provide anything specific. Simply put, we are still unsure of what has been changed and/or added in 4.2.2 (as compared to 4.2.1). Nothing stands out in the video as being different or unique to 4.2.2 which seems to imply that the update will bring some bug fixes and maybe some other small changes.

If nothing else, we can assume that the Nexus 4 would be amongst the first devices to get the update, however this could still be nothing more than a few test devices, or test builds making their way into the public hands. And to wrap things up, so far this means we have seen sightings of 4.2.2 in Brazil, Malaysia and now somewhere in the Czech Republic.

[via HDblog.it]

  • jack schulz

    what really sucks is the only way to stay current with android is nexus, but the nexus is the worse phone on the market. no replaceable battery, no sd card and no lte. Ill stay on ics forever.

    • Michael97F

      The worst phone on the market? One of the best processors, best screens, best RAM and most stylish.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Says the ignorant fool, little sour you didn’t get yours eh? Take it from someone who has a Nexus 4…this phone outperforms your ICS device any day. No LTE? With 14 mbps download and 4mbps upload I don’t have a problem with surfing or downloading. And my bill is probably half of what yours is.

  • Robert Norris Hills

    I wish I could see a nexus4 in Australia, regardless of the OS.