For all those folks still hoping to get their hands on Google and LG's latest smartphone, the Nexus 4, we have some good news. You all know finding this device in stock has been nearly impossible for months, but now it looks like another purchase option is available. The big wigs at Best Buy have the LG Nexus 4 available now for the low low price of $199, from T-Mobile of course.

Yup, Best Buy is now offering the Nexus 4 both unlocked and from T-Mobile. The only part of this news that is worth detailing however is the T-Mobile bit. The reason being is Best Buy wants a ridiculous $599 to get this phone outright and unlocked, compared to the much cheaper price the Google Play Store is offering.

The difference here being Best Buy appears to have the smartphone in stock. How Google will let them sell it, and their own store not is beyond me -- but I'm not complaining. The LG Nexus 4 can be purchased from Best Buy as we speak for $599 outright and unlocked, or for just $199 with a new 2-year contract on T-Mobile.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 2.21.00 PM

T-Mobile, when they have it in stock, are also offering it for $199 only after a $50 mail-in-rebate so technically Best Buy has the best deal around for the smartphone - so long as you're on T-Mobile. I called my own local Best Buy and the rep didn't have the slightest what I was talking about, so you might be better off heading down yourself or just getting it online at their website. We don't know how many they have or how long this will last, but we suggest you get in while you can if you're still interested in the Nexus 4.

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-- Thanks to all who sent this in!

  • phor11

    If you bought the nexus4 unlocked from the play store for $350, you got a top of the line phone that you could then use on a cheap (~$30 a month) “unlimited data and sms” plan with no contract. It’s a deal that still hasn’t been replicated by any other manufacturer.

    But if you’re going to lock yourself into contract pricing then I just don’t see the value proposition in the Nexus4. Is anyone going to pay $200 for a Nexus4 when the 16GB S3 is only $99 or a OneS is Free?

    • Michael Nichols

      don’t forgot about the value plan which is $20 a month for 20 months!!!

  • Phone_Junkie

    I sure am glad I read the article before putting on my shoes and running out the door for Best Buy. I am not signing a contract for this and much less paying the stupid price that Best Buy is asking for it off contract.

  • Crankintopwater69

    I didnt have to read the artical,I knew it was signing a 2yr contract.Just like phor11 said,I dont see the value.Ill wait for the N5 or the Google X.I hope the rumors are true about the Google X being sold through the Play Store for the same price as the N4.16gigs-349,8gigs-299

    • phor11

      The play store has them back in stock right now. They’ve been up for around an hour.

  • Gunstra

    $300 profit on the 8gb just because the play store is sold out, what a scam

  • JayMankind

    $599? How does Best-Buy even sleep at night?!

  • What about best buys price match guarantee?

  • tom cruising

    149.99 from wirefly. No tax, no shipping. Better than t-mobile