Not too long ago Michael was bummed that the Samsung Galaxy note hybrid tablet/smartphone wasn’t offered in the US. The tablet had crossed the FCC in the past, but as Michael pointed out that doesn’t always mean the tablet is headed to the States. Another new model of the Galaxy note has now been spied. This time it looks like the tablet may actually be bound for the US.

On the Galaxy S II smartphones that are for international use, the phone uses the Enxyos processor. However, when the S II came to the States Samsung changed to the Snapdragon chip. This is apparently because the Snapdragons work better with the HSPA+ networks that AT&T and T-Mobile operate in the US.

The new Galaxy Note with part number SGH-I171 that has been spied is packing that Snapdragon processor so it would seemingly be bound for the US. The tablet also has 4G LTE as well. This is an interesting device with a 5-inch display and 1280 x 800 resolution that skirts the gap between tablets and smartphones. Gottabemobile expects the Note to hit AT&T in early 2012.

[via SlashGear]

  • I have Galaxy S 2, but my set is studded with enxyos processor. Tell me that which one is better, enxyos or snapdragon..?

    • Anonymous

      Exynos of course.
      nothing still (since May 2011) beats Samsung’ s own SoC. Not even the new Nexus CPU

    • i had the att version of the s II with the exynos processor and now i got the gsII skyrocket with snapdragon and it is CLEAR that exynos is much better


    2012 – True or False Prophecy?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the difference between the Enxyos processor vs the Snapdragon processor?
    Can the international version still work WELL in the USA?

    Why don’t people HATE when tech products are “DUMBED DOWN” for the American market?!

    International companies are laughing at the Stupid Americans for always making devices differently for us!

    Why can’t the international version of products be brought into the USA?!