Everyone's favorite movie and TV streaming service on Android just received a rather sizable update this afternoon that should make a few users happy. While the entire streaming quality debate is still a hot topic for Netflix, they've just updated the app with improved features and a few bug fixes. Read on to see what's new in the latest Netflix for Android.

Back in December Netflix got the go-ahead to add social features and sharing into their service, but we've yet to see that feature actually arrive. It's slated for sometime in 2013, so we'll see. That isn't here yet, but you'll want to check out what's new today from their latest upgrade.

This is also the first update since September when Netflix redesigned the UI to better support both Android smartphones and tablets. Today Netflix is pushing and update out for Android, and here's what is new. You'll get the option to increase the font size for subtitles, something I'm sure many will be happy to see. They've enhanced second screen support, improved playback stability (we hear that every time) and lastly, miscellaneous bug fixes.

It isn't anything major but we'll take the small changes, improvements, and performance tweaks as we get them. Netflix video playback still could be improved on Android if you ask us, but we regress. So we must ask. Do you use Netflix, or have you switched to Redbox Instant or some of those other options available?

[via Play Store]

  • Havoc70

    Had Netflix on and off but their streaming selection sucks so cancelled it yet again.

  • silvermoon

    not sure what people expect out of netflix for only 7.99 a month. i think they have a pretty good selection, but i guess thats my opinion . on the flipside if netflix wanted to really get new customers maybe they should look into adding ” adult ” style films like playboy type stuff. they would have to figure out how to keep out the under 18 crowd tho.

  • Been using Netflix streaming service for years and never once have I not been able to find something good to watch.

  • Laurens H

    So where is the option to enlarge subtitles in the latest release?!

  • Debumere

    The new sized subtitles are ridiculously out of proportion on my Nexus. Why has this only happened to Android and not Apple?

    More annoyed that I could have opted not to update but the latest update only claimed ‘bug fixes’ not ‘gigantic subtitles’.