It looks like Netflix has just updated the app for Android, it now supports the original Motorola Droid, the G'zOne Commando from Casio, as well as the LG Revolution that just started shipping with Netflix pre-installed. Earlier in May Netflix launched for Android but only with a few devices supported so it is good to see an update come so fast to support additional devices.

We don't know much about this update as I don't have a device on the officially supported list around, my Nexus One is with a friend. I am glad to see Netflix working fast to add more devices to the supported list but I have a feeling they will need to work faster. The development community has already hacked netflix to work on virtually any rooted android device.

It looks like if you want to use Netflix you will have to have a supported device, root your phone, or hope they add support for your device soon. It looks like Verizon is getting all the good stuff over there with the Revolution launching with Netflix, and now the Moto Droid getting support. Either way head to the Android Market now and get the latest Netflix or just click here.


Update: We are not sure if this was a mistake, or if Netflix has actually lifted the device check that was built into the Netflix App, but our friends at DroidLife are now reporting that users are able to install the Netflix app and start streaming content even if they are not on the approved list. They have reported the Droid X, the Droid X2, the Xperia Play and a few others all to be working just fine. So far it seems pretty hit or miss, but this would be a huge mistake if it were an accident. Install Netflix on your device and tell us in the comments below what you have and if it works. Thanks

Update 2: Devices that are *not* supported will not see Netflix in the Market, so download the updated APK and install it yourself with a file manager and give it a test and see if it work for you.
Download: Netflix APK

  • B P

    it looks like they pulled support on the droid I downloaded it now it doesn’t work and keeps saying make sure my date and time are updated.  any one else get it on the original droid ffrom the market not rooted and have this issue

  • Although the Market Link opens on the Xoom it still says not Found 🙁

  • Although the Market Link opens on the Xoom it still says not Found 🙁

  • Although the Market Link opens on the Xoom it still says not Found 🙁


    Down loaded the APK through Dropbox, open and installed. Works great! on Droid X!

  • Anonymous

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  • Alewis520

    Doesn’t work on an Evo Shift. I should also mention that the previous Netflix app without device checking no longer works. This happened previous to trying to install this new one. I now get a message saying that I have to upgrade to keep using the app. If you hit ok, it tries to find the app in the market and fails and takes you right back to the same upgrade message. If you hit cancel the app closes. This new one won’t install at all so I’m effectively without an official Netflix app at the moment.

  • b1940

    The same thing happened to me. If anyone knows of a new link to load Netflix app for a Droid 2, please post! Thanks!

    • Squirt5431

      You need to un-install any previous Netflix app, then install

  • b1940

    The same thing happened to me. If anyone knows of a new link to load Netflix app for a Droid 2, please post! Thanks!

  • Dcb_1

    doesn’t work on Droid X with Gingerbread.  download and install – Application Not Installed message. 

  • Gsantiag

    Works on my original Moto Droid but not on my ThunderBolt. 🙁

  • Medicinemann7677

    Droid x streams perfectly after gingerbread update

  • Happyspot420

    Got it to work on my droid x. Had to move the file out of the downloads folder to work. Put it in the open in the sd folder. Then click the file. Should install 🙂

  • Blancoei79

    Tried on the Galaxy S Vibrant.. Installed perfectly, Loads perfectly, But once i put my email and password and click on sign in it closes not a force close just closes.. Goes back to my home screen.. If anyone has any idea how to fix this let me know would love to get it working.. Not rooted waiting for CM7 to finally be stable on the Vibrant.. If the only way to get this working is to have my phone rooted then ill just wait if there is a way to get it working without rooting PLEASE!! i would love to know and would love your help.. Thanks……

  • Oldschool_420

    worked perfectly on my x. 🙂

  • Oldschool_420

    worked perfectly on my x. 🙂

  • It worked fine.. until tonight’s update came out…

  • Snottyy

    worked great on my X… will it work on my xoom as well?

  • Strawberrycarebear87

    I just downloaded for the first Motorola Droid with Verizon. Worked!!!! No problems! Thanks so much!

  • Snottyy

    Worked for a day, then netflix blocked.. really good customer PR…

  • Kyliejordan22

    Just downloaded for Motorola Droid Global, it wont play anything. HELP!

  • Kyliejordan22

    Just downloaded for Motorola Droid Global, it wont play anything. HELP!

    • Kyliejordan22

      *Droid2 Global

    • Kyliejordan22

      *Droid2 Global

  • Moto Droid 2 (not Global). Installed fine via download from this site. App loads (blinks to white screen for a moment, then okay). Menus (i.e. Queue) fine. Videos will load, but almost immediately close and return to home screen.

    • KylieJordan22

      I have the same problem!

  • Budwiser0240

    Downloaded and installed this morning on my dpro running rooted gingerbread. Works perfectly. A good chance Ill be downgrading back to 3.8.7 froyo soon. Will post results if/when.

  • Jig

    Just loaded the update and couldn’t find NetFlix on market so I dropped the apk file in dropbox.  Loaded fine and wanted to update….said it couldn’t be found.  Hit cancel and logged in.  HTC EVO 4G, 2.3.3 with Software numer 4.24.651.1  Hope this helps!

  • Lefteqb13

    Make this available for tablets such as the Motorola xoom ASAP

  • Corey

    Netflix is now on HTC Evo Market

  • Gsantiag

    Well. It has been working just fine for over a month on my Droid. I’ve been able to use it on my Thunderbolt for a couple of weeks now.

  • diablo3dfx

    Loaded it on my Nook Color running CyanogenMod 7.0.3. Worked immediately.

  • Quontombitchumboobalator

    Any word if the droid 2 will get the app?

  • Goodrodney2009

    When will u get the app for the droidx2

  • Skidoo740x

    Downloaded the api for droid 2 (not global) and opens ok but when I select a movie it prompts me to update. If I click cancel it reboots all over and if I click update it says its not available and reboots.


  • Ddrbarf

    doesnt work on the xoom. Can browse but when you go to play it says incompatible device.

  • HC

    Doesnt work for motorolla droid 2. Netflix is falsely advertising or just motorolla droid2 sucks. Please help.

  • Wsdiver33

    I just downloaded it on the original droid and it’s stuck on the “loading netflix” page….it’s definitely not working 

  • sistem

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