Starting again today we get to enjoy some of the best few weeks in all of sports. Of course we're talking about NCAA Basketball's March Madness. Just like last year today we're bringing you the official NCAA March Madness app for Android, and of course you can stream all 67 games free. Well as long as the app supports your cable provider. It's been redesigned for 2013, looks amazing, and supports nearly every single device I've ever owned or reviewed.

Last year the app didn't support a wide array of devices, and thus we saw lots of angry fans and bad reports in the Play Store. This year however, NCAA 2013 appears to support nearly all devices. For 2013 the official app has been completely redesigned with a new look and feel, offers even more information, and has social deeply integrated. There's so many social feeds and areas to chat and trash talk, that I think it might be slowing down the app.


NCAA March Madness Live 2013 is actually a pretty amazing app. Aside from being able to watch the games for free even on mobile, there is a ton of tournament info, stats, detailed scoring pages, and of course brackets. It's all neatly designed, well packaged, and easy to use. Sadly on my Galaxy Nexus here it appears to be a little sluggish while flipping through pages but that's about my only complaint. Here's what to expect.


- Live stream all 67 NCAA March Madness Games free
- Track your bracket all live in real-time
- Updates with scores live, along with team and player stats
- Live alerts for upsets, overtimes, close games, and your favorite teams
- Watch recaps of all 67 games (after each game ends)
- Live audio coverage too!
- and much much more

As a quickie pro tip you might want to head into channel finder, select your cable provider, and make sure to enable HD channels. The stream even on WiFi doesn't appear to be that amazing for me, but it's certainly watchable for mobile. Oh and it works great on Android 4.2.2 and everything else I've tried, so at least this time we have support for nearly all Androids.

Get the app right this minute on the Google Play Store from the link below, then be sure and follow your favorite teams. I'll be rooting for my boys here in Vegas at UNLV, then Zaga is on my list too. Enjoy the live stream and let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

[via Play Store Link]

  • Otis

    Doesn’t work on my Toshiba Thrive tablet, unfortunately.

  • Paul

    App sucks. After you log in, when you click on my bracket it makes you log in again. So you can NEVER see your bracket. Test your apps before you release them, dumb $##$%(#*&!

  • Will not play the livestream on my HTC Evo 3D. Running Android 4.0.3. Loads fine and plays the commercial then just displays a blank screen. Anyone out there have any idea’s?

  • DevilInPgh

    Radio feed cuts off after I turn off my screen. This is not isolated to Android, because I see the same problem on my iPod Touch. SUCKS!!!!