MyTSA app gets you ready for the airport holiday rush

November 26, 2013

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you’ve probably prepared yourself for the long lines and frustrated TSA employees ushering you through checkpoints. To help ease everyone’s frustration level, the TSA has introduced an Android app, which provides travelers with a lot of useful information while on the go.

Unlike the TSA website, the app is pretty easy to use and navigate. It keeps all the important stuff up front, like “can I bring?”, which is a quick reference for all the stuff you can — and more importantly can’t — bring on a plane. The app also offers updates for arrivals and departures, keeping you up to date while waiting for a flight. It’s also pretty useful for those on the ground, who can keep an eye on air traffic. Maybe most importantly, the app offers best practices for getting through the line quicky and effectively. It has video tips, and some interesting facts popping up on the bottom of the screen.

Of course, the most pressing information is arrivals and departures, which can be found elsewhere. The most impressive method is still Google Now, which both tracks and sends alerts when a flight is on-time or delayed. Also, the TSA app crowdsources info like long wait times for lines, where they urge you to turn off cell phones and such anyway, so that’s interesting.

Is it going to be useful? Sure, if for nothing more than it’s easier to use than the website. It is also nice to have a reference point on-the-go for confusing moments about checked or carry-on baggage, and could come in handy for when you’re rushing, because face it — you will be rushing at some point.

VIA: Android Central

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