I really hate it when each time I get into a car a song I like is already playing, I don’t know what the song is called, and the DJ doesn’t say what it was after the fact. I bet I am not the only one that hates that. A new app for Android users will help you figure out what that song is and gives you information on the song. The app is called MusicID.

MusicID with Lyrics can be grabbed on the Android Market right now for $2.99. It uses the Gracenote Global Media Database and it is the largest and most comprehensive media database in the world. You can get info on music using the artist or track name. The coolest feature is the ability to hold the phone with the app running up to a speaker and let it hear a song that is playing.

The app will listen to the music and then help you figure out what the song is and even links you to an online music store to purchase the tune. As irritating, as it is for me to hear a song and not know what it is $2.99 seems like a good deal.

  • Edgar

    Shazam does it for free. What makes this different and worth the 2.99?

  • Jordan

    If you’re on verizon, most phones have the VZW Song ID as well, which blows shazam out of the water. I’ll have to give this one a try just for comparison. Song ID also can be configured to automatically email you the song info you’ve just IDed, which I thought was silly until I upgraded my phone and didn’t have that capability with shazam for a while.

  • dave

    shazam isn’t free.

  • Maff

    Soundhound is better, you can sing, whistle or hum into that one and it’s been supporting Android for much longer, this app seems no better so don’t know why it gets its own article

  • foo

    Blatant advertisement

  • Something people need to understand is that websites like these need to build strong ties within the community that they serve, both with the developers and the reader base.

    It seems like, with this article, AndroidCommunity is working on strengthening ties with Gravity Mobile by promoting their product with a rave review and links to their site.

    It wouldn’t be very flattering if Android Community wrote ‘Shazam and Soundhound do this just as well or better, but if you feel like removing $2.99 from your checking account, check out MusicID!”

    These guys are just doing their jobs, and I don’t think it’s fair to hold this against them. Think about your own jobs, and if someone degraded you for doing what you were told to do. I work in gaming media and run websites for a living and I know what it’s like, and I’m sure all of you guys have blogs and know what I’m talking about.

    I love Android Community, they are always here to bring the latest news and there is rarely a day that goes by where they have the same stale articles on the front page like other Android resources.

  • thequinox

    I suppose, but I personally see this as either an advertisement, or ignorance on behalf of the writer.

    They should have given the pros and cons of this “MusicID” and why it’s better than it’s competitors. Simply saying “FINALLY FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT SONG IS” makes it sound as if we never had this ability before. I see this as either a blatant lie, or clues that the writer has lived under a rock. Both of which are bad for an Android focused blog.

    I know I may be sounding harsh, but this seems black and white to me. I like AndroidCommunity and I read their articles everyday. However that doesn’t change my opinion that this is a bad post. Selling out isn’t a good thing as Nate says.

    If Nate is right and Shane Mcglaun was just doing his job by writing this, then he should have done it with more professionalism. You can still praise or promote an application without being one sided.

  • Shane McGlaun

    You guys understand the difference between a review and a news story about a new app right? This IS NOT a review. I have not used the app, this is a post about a new app. Sure, there may be different apps that do the same thing, but someone out there is looking for an app that does this and this one may be perfect for them. It’s impossible to offer pros and cons and tell you how an app works when this IS NOT a review. Selling out by telling people about a new app? Advertisement, lol, seriously? One sided? It’s a news story about one app launching, of course it’s only about that app.

    The vast majority of Android users are no where near as hardcore as many of you and some stories are more for the new folks than the hardcore. Just remember that you long time, hardcore, expert type Android users are not the only people that read the site.