Google has released an update to its new Music app today, bringing it to version 3.0.1. The update is the first since the app was officially released a few weeks ago in conjunction with the announcement of Music Beta at Google IO. Changes include the ability to delete songs from the SD card from within the app as well as several general bug fixes.

The update comes as another wave of invites to Music Beta is being sent out. While I have personally found the app to be awesome (especially as an upgrade from the old Android music player), with a larger user base comes a larger base of complaints, and bug-fixes are never bad (so long as they don’t bring about new bugs…). The point here is that this isn’t a very exciting upgrade for sure, but it’s good to see Google standing behind Music.

While it has dramatically increased my data usage streaming, mostly due to me being too lazy to download the songs over wi-fi, Google music has if nothing else become a much more convenient way of syncing music to my phone then having to connect, mount, and transfer the files manually. As I said, Google appears to be pushing the invitations out a bit more freely now, so keep requesting invitations and if you’ve already got access leave a comment how you’re liking it.

  • Mikey80 Mg

    how can I download movie on my HTC inspire 4G I have tried for two days to tiger it out

  • Juicemane

    I actually really enjoy it. I use the web player at work to stream my library, and my DX when Im on the go. Other then the occasional buffer or bug its great. 

  • Cruzn13

    I just want to know what happened to the feature that allowed me to use my personal music as a. ringtone. It is not in the setting or menu. Options to only add song to playlist or shuffle play option.

    • Yuandrewyu

      I was wondering the same thing..can’t set songs as my ringtone anymore

    • Gazjfaz

      Same problem here. 

  • sarah99gxe

    I can’t figure out how to delete individual songs as they are playing…it’s not in the options view 🙁 

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