The Moto X might be the new standard for Android handsets in the eyes of many, but Motorola isn’t showing any hubris about it. The Google-owned company will be having a big sale on the device soon, bringing the price down $100 for a limited time. By limited, we mean an hour.

That wasn’t a typo, either. For one full hour, Motorola will knock the price of an unlocked Moto X to $299. The sale, which is taking place January 27th, will be from 3pm to 4pm, EST. So, for all of us on the West Coast who want a Moto X — our Monday lunch hour is now occupied.

If you miss the sale, it’ll cost you $30. Once the sale is over, Motorola will still have the Moto X on discount, but it will only be $70 off. Rather than the $299, it will be $329 until February 14th. Even at that, it’s an amazing deal on a stellar handset.

Though the hardware specs are limited, the Moto X is one of the better Android handsets available. The tweaks Motorola made actually add to the experience, and are useful in day-to-day scenarios. From the quick launch camera (which you’ll use more than you think, we promise) to Drive Assist, Motorola has hit one out of the park.

Unfortunately, their website issues have proven the foil of many would-be wonders of their handsets. Site crashes and other issues have frustrated many, but there is probably nothing to worry about. Motorola always makes it right, even going so far as to refund money when needed. We just hope their site can handle the crush of people that will want a Moto X this Monday.
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  • Matthew Ponce de Leon

    Should I get this or the Nexus 5?

    • Chris Carter

      I’m asking the same question. The N5 won out on size. Now I can’t decide again

      • Manu Bansal

        Don’t get me wrong. I prefer the moto x still. The N5 still doesn’t have its touchless control feature I use that more than anything. The camera is still equivalent but the features the moto x has to offer is by far the better phone in my opinion. Customizing it is just a pure benefit. I’m all for the moto x.

  • Cal Rankin

    I wish that the Moto X was vailable on more prepaid carriers. I would be willing to spend the regular $399 price now if it were available on any particular prepaid carrier.
    I’ve been thinking about the AT&T model to use on Straight Talk, but I wouldn’t mind if it were available on Boost or Virgin Mobile.