Motorola revises timeline of Ice Cream Sandwich updates

September 24, 2012

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While Samsung is keeping up with the curve on its Jelly Bean updating cycle, Motorola is still stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich. Over the weekend, the company updated its plans on its Ice Cream Sandwich release schedule. They've officially set new timelines for devices like the Droid Bionic and the Xyboard.

Motorola confirmed that they are working very closely with Google and their carrier partners to ensure they get Android updates rolled out to its users in a timely manner. Thanks to a handy chart, the company has laid out update release schedules for a handful of their devices, most of which will receive Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in Q4.

Some of those devices include the Droid Bionic and the Droid Xyboard 8.2, while the Atrix 2, Photon 4G, and the Electrify still have yet to be determined with "further plans coming soon" as the placeholder. Hopefully we hear from those devices soon, but we're really only mostly excited about the Droid Bionic, which is arguably one of Motorola's most popular devices.

What's slightly disappointing (yet almost not surprising), is that Motorola is keeping a lot of its older devices at Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The Droid 2, Droid 3, and the Droid X2 all will remain on Gingerbread with no plans to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. It's sad to see it come to this, but it's certainly not too surprising. We're definitely bummed that Google's acquisition of Motorola really isn't doing much for Motorola's update cycle for its devices.

[via Droid Life]

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  • Fudge Packer

    Totally makes me not want to purchase another Motorola. I have a DROID 3

  • G_Romero

    Droid 3 owner 2. Motorola will never touch a single cent from me, or anyone I know. I have already made sure of it.

  • Samuel Yang

    Never ever buying Motorola phones again. Droid 3 owner.

  • ZaM

    DROID 3 owner. I can’t screen shot, my camera keeps freezing, my phone keeps shutting down and force closing and now I wont even get the ICS update. That’s just awesome. Totally worth my money for an android that’s equivalent is basically a 1990 Nokia.

  • Motojunk

    Have a droid x2.And will never buy a Motorola ever again.I buy new phone’s all the
    time at full price and usually buy more than one just to play around with and end
    Up giving them to family members or friends who can afford recently gave
    up my iphone 4 which oh yea they update there old phone’s as far as it can go..
    And turned x2 back on thinking by now they will get rid of gingerbread n go with
    ics or jb…the phone can clearly handle the platform …but no..lets try to get people
    To buy another phone that even when the x2 came out was behind its competitors
    even the bionic i purchased few months ago was crap!!!!….too bad will just stick
    with apple and Samsung….