Motorola has just now started rolling out a major software update improving both performance, as well as security. Update v55.13.25 will completely remove Carrier IQ from the device, and if you don’t exactly know what that is – navigate here. You’ll see about 9 fixes, and of them improved picture clarity delivered from the camera will be most noticeable.

Other than improving overall performance, the Mobile Hotspot application has been updated to help retain a better connection to devices. The AT&T messages app has been revamped as well, offering easier methods for accessing texts stored in your cloud. They’ve gone ahead and renamed a few applications, but it shouldn’t effect anything. They’ve been shortened for easy access in the app tray.

If you’re not too anxious about having the update as soon as possible, then it should be pushed to your device. But those of you looking to get it sooner should navigate through Settings > About Phone > and tap System Updates. During an update, it’s smart to be plugged into an outlet, and also connected to your home wireless network to avoid climbing over your data cap. Hopefully it’s easy and painless, but let us know if any problems occur.

[via Phandroid]

  • After update I have problems with the hotspot, I must try many times to
    make it works, it says: “3g lost” even the 3g connection is ok, I know
    that because I can surf through the device in hostpot mode, also I lost
    the root, someone can help??? any ideas to fix the hotspot and root the
    phone again???

  • Chandini

    I updated my ATRIX 2 and the camera won’t work and it force closes every time I open it. And as I’m typing now I’m having problems with the typing. Please fix this I just got mt ATRIX and this I’d really a down point.

    • Joy

      You may go ahead and again try to flash the os, it will help you out… but backup your data… 🙂