When we brought you the latest information regarding Motorola’s upgrade plans for their Android-powered devices out there in the wild, the initial big surprise was that the Motorola Milestone over there in Europe had been given the green light for the roll-out to Android 2.2, beginning some time in the fourth quarter of this year. Considering Motorola hadn’t known whether or not they would upgrade the device initially, it was pretty big news. But now, in a move that no one expected, Motorola has out-done themselves.

The Canadian version of the Motorola Milestone, which hasn’t changed status in quite some time, has actually now been given the green light to get upgraded as well. But, unfortunately, there’s a pretty big significant catch. Unlike the other Milestone, which will be upgraded this year, the Canadian version won’t be seeing Android 2.2, or Froyo, until the first quarter of 2011. Disappointing news, for sure.

[via Motorola Support Forums]

  • Such a pain in the butt, especially since my attempts to root and run a 2.2 custom ROM have always failed due to terrible community support of the Milestone. The apps required to do these things are hosted on shifty sites and are rarely up to date or easy to find, though most just don’t seem to even work.

    Even after finally rooting my handset a month ago I realized I had to pay money for the premium version of Rom manager to import the 2.2 rom, sure it allows you to import via file but I could never find a clean 2.2 file on the net, they are all links to grab it through rom manager.

    Headache city, at least we’ll be getting 2.2. Though by then won’t 2.3 be out or soon? I hate the state of our tech world atm, so frustrating.

  • D. Mark Simms

    According to this new forum posting, Canada is getting 2.2 soon, but (as mentioned on Page 2), NEVER getting 2.3 for the Milestone!