Motorola isn’t ready to tell us how the Moto 360 will charge

March 19, 2014

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The Moto 360 Hangout has yielded little news, but one thing of interest caught our attention. With no visible ports, charging the device became a topic of interest. Motorola is playing their Moto 360 a little close to the chest, and won’t quite say just how their smartwatch will be charged.

Let’s ponder it all for a moment, shall we? There is no port to plug it in, which is at least a fall-back option for wireless charging methods. Even with a Qi charger on board, most smartphones and other devices capable of it house a microUSB port, mainly for charging purposes. We won’t rule that out, but relying on it would be a bold move.

The device could take advantage of new technology we’ve not yet had the pleasure of using. There are things like charging via Bluetooth in the works, but would Moto want to use it here? It’s likely an expensive proposition at this point, so we’ll rule that out. We just don’t see something expensive and new as being involved, here.


Kinetic charging? Perhaps. We’ve yet to see something as power-consumptive as a smartwatch can be use that method, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It would keep the device firmly planted on our wrist, so there’s always that gentle nudge to keep us using it.

Replaceable watch batteries? Doubtful. The device is likely so power hungry that a small-ish watch battery would need replacing far too often. We also don’t think the device will have any moving parts like a removable back plate — it will likely be sealed.

So long as it doesn’t have a massive dock like the Galaxy Gear, we’re okay with whatever Motorola has up their sleeve (pun intended). Have an idea as to how this one will charge? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Rezence would be good for this type of device.

  • Maht

    I’m thinking a charger like the Xoom. Unscrew the pin and there is the charge hole. Small and hidden. No USB is kinda sad though.

  • Zanelegend

    magnetic charging

  • Hilko

    maybe Moto just forgot to add any means of charging….. 😉