Earlier this year, Motorola had pledged to unlock the bootloaders on every one of their devices before 2011 year’s end. Well that didn’t happen. And even worse, they haven’t let the community know when or even if they are still going along with this plan.

An unlocked bootloader allows users to modify the software included on their device. It isn’t important to many, but to the developers out there it means the world. With their own cooked up kernels and ROMs, they push devices way past their original thresholds.

HTC has undoubtedly been the best manufacturer at making sure their devices are completely unlocked for their customers. Motorola has potential, but haven’t conveyed a gameplan for at least 4 months. Hopefully, the petition started over at XDA Developers will overturn their silence and raise clarity on the subject.

[via DroidDog]

  • Anonymous

    How has HTC been the best for making sure their devices are unlocked? They’ve locked a couple, including the Sensation. Samsung and Sony Ericsson are clearly leading in this regard.

    • Edwin M

      HTC has released the ability to unlock their phones on the htcdev.com site. They’ve also said they won’t lock bootloaders going forward. My Rezound is unlocked and rooted.

  • BT Onedem

    is it hello-moto or hell-moto?

    • Alex Schneider

      It’s Hell O’Moto, as in “hell of Motorola”

    • Hermilla

      hell-no-moto sounds better ūüôā

  • Bionic was my first and last Moto device.

  • Motorola¬†slow to keep¬†promises¬†and not communicating with customers? what else is new.

    after the horrible customer service I got from the lack of updates for the international xoom, i will never buy another Motorola product

  • Hey Moto wheres ICS?¬†¬† you gonna lie about that too?¬†¬†¬† or will you wait till the 4quarter a one year anniversary gift for the droid razr?

  • Jim

    It’s been more than 5 months. They made the announcement in APRIL.

  • Moto isn’t so bad.¬† My only complaint is their failure to deliver on unlocking the bootloader by end of 2011, and no further communication on the topic. That’s rather arrogent and needs to change!