Motorola DROID RAZR M Android 4.1.2 update rolling out today

April 22, 2013

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Early last week we confirmed the folks from Motorola and Verizon were preparing to release a software update for the 4.3-inch DROID RAZR M full of fixes, and now it's ready. We've received multiple reports that the update (still Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) for the M is arriving on devices as we speak and should fix a slew of issues.

This impressive little edge-to-edge display packing smartphone is quite the budget device, runs the latest Android from Motorola which is 4.1.2, and now is getting updated with tons of bug fixes to make it even better. As we detailed before there really isn't anything regarding new features or software other than some bloat. It's all about fixing the issues today.

You’ll still be on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but there’s tons of changes and improvements from Motorola. It appears Verizon and Moto are focusing on improving the devices wifi, volume levels, camera features and focus, in-call audio, video streaming and a few other things. Certainly not a small list.

The update is rolling out over the air as we speak to RAZR M users, and is about 80 MB in size. You might want to grab a WiFi connection to save data usage, or just pull er down with 4G LTE. As usual it should arrive on its own, or feel free to head to settings > about phone > check for updates and get it now. Enjoy!

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  • Gizmoo

    This update might have some bug fixes, but it has created new issues. One they took away the timer from the alarm clock. You used to be able to set in a time of day, or how many minutes, etc. Now you can only set a time of day. Not sure why they took that away. Plus I use Smart Actions for work. Now it doesn’t recognize when I am not at work like it used to do. Keeps the smart action active for wherever I am. I have tried resetting my location. Doesn’t affect it any.

  • Bryan

    I can still set a time of day with no issues on 4.1.2 also my smart actions are working just fine.. not sure why you are having those issues

  • Hope McCloud

    Motorola Bionic 4.1.2 Update took away the following (may be more, but this is what I’ve seen so far):
    System Settings – Sound – Silence Phone is missing from the menu
    Camcorder Icon
    Battery Saver
    Uncheck Vibrate when ringing and it sill vibrates when volume is off – wouldn’t matter so much but “mute” option was removed from Sound menu
    My battery is draining much faster – can’t be coincidental – wouldn’t matter so much but I cannot find the Battery Saver options

    • Dawn

      It also took away the timer feature on the clock/alarm function, which I used when I give speeches to ensure i stay on schedule. I’m very irritated by this and the sound silent feature (without having to change the ringer tune from what you have it set on vs. silent)

  • Coby Hester

    It says they want to Improve the WiFi? Every since I updated it today around 12, My WiFi has been Awfully slow, and I mean SSSLLOOOWWW. I’m not even 5 feet away from my Router and it takes 15-25 minutes to load a page, Videos and pictures don’t load at all. But when using Network everything I perfect, Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Before I updated my WiFi had no problems. Awesome Update guys -.-
    So what’s the deal? How do I fix this?

  • dblades44

    since update, my razr will not connect to my wifi. by the way, this is the second replacement phone. original was a droid4, same issue.

  • Danny Bless

    My RAZR m is not showing an update within the settings/about phone/ update.. is there another way to update? Installed is 98.11.35xt907.. does this have anything to do with it?

  • k

    when the update downloaded on my phone my droid stopped turning on

  • David Sheldon

    you can just download apps to do all of the timer things and such. why complain about an update that fixed things, people complain to much