Sorry to get your hopes up. This is not Gingerbread. This is breaking news that Motorola and Verizon are rolling out a OTA update for the Original Droid to Android 2.2.2 This is a small 3.4MB update that will bring your device up to Android 2.2.2 the latest version of FroYo. If any of you Droid users are on stock firmware you should be getting the OTA starting today 3/9, with it being completely rolled out to all users by 3/17. Go to menu>settings>about phone> and click System Updates.

For those that got excited and thought this was Gingerbread, Sorry. I do have some Gingerbread here for you to keep all our readers happy. If you would like to try some Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your Motorola Droid now, go ahead and get yourself some CyanogenMod 7. You can learn about it here with download links at the bottom of a story we mentioned earlier today. CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 RC2. Next up is Honeycomb, if anyone takes the CyanogenMod 7 jump, be sure to check out our CM7 gets you as close to Honeycomb as possible story also.

Enjoy that Android 2.2.2 FroYo all you Droid Users.

[via DroidLife]

  • announomus

    Dude who cares about the original droid what about the samsung fascinate? Huh stop sticking your thumb up your ass & give us who have been waiting much longer than the original droid froyo already

  • klol

    Shame on Motorola (Europe), the original droid gets another froyo update and Milestone users are stuck with 2.1 and a locked bootloader…

  • Got this update today and totally forgot Droid was behind…What do you get with this update again?

    • Anonymous

      Minor messaging bug fixes.

  • I’ve been running 2.3 on my D1 for weeks now (really improved battery life in standby). Hopefully, the reasons for their delays pay off in other ways (i.e. stability).

    • matthew

      Jay how do you go about installing 2.3 on the original?

  • Dill

    This is a good sign for all Moto Droid users that Motorola at least still cares about this model, and it just might even get gingerbread.