The mysterious DROID Fighter has popped up on a few internal Verizon documents for the last few weeks, but until now we had no idea what it was – no specs, no date, not even a manufacturer. All of a sudden we’ve got a bevvy of information all at once, and what it boils down to is a slightly upgraded version of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX with possible Ice Cream Sandwich implications. The photo below was spotted by PhoneHK, with the phone on the left being the new DROID Fighter and the one on the right being the Motorola RAZR. See if you can spot the family resemblance.

You’ll immediately notice that the purported Fighter has an even larger screen, given by the source as 4.6 inches. This is achieved with a slightly larger body (though not that much larger – the RAZR has a pretty big bezel) and the absence of physical navigation keys, Galaxy Nexus-style. That implies that the Fighter may be running Ice Cream Sandwich at launch. Aside from a vaguely “high definition screen” (probably 720p) and a MAXX-matching 3300mAh battery, there’s no other hard details.

The last time we saw the DROID Fighter’s name it was slated for an April 12th date, though whether that’s a testing schedule, announcement or release date isn’t currently known. None of this has been confirmed, of course, but with Moto’s heavy use of Verizon’s DROID line and the other hints we’ve seen, the hardware at least looks to be real. There’s no telling how yet another RAZR variant will affect Verizon’s lineup, even without the iconic name tagging along with it – it’s been less than two months since the last one, after all. If Motorola releases a tweaked version of the MAXX with ICe Cream Sandwich six months or more before the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are slated to get the upgrade, current owners won’t be happy.

[via Droid-Life]

  • Wow!  A 4.6″ screen… but with all the buttons moved off the device… and onto the screen.. .making it the same old 4.3″ that everyone already has.

    •  yea except that the device gets smaller bezel on bottom. And gaming, video, and pictures all go full screen and look awesome with a 4.6″ screen

  • If all other specs are the same, I’ll stick with the Maxx. However, if the processor and/or camera are significantly better, I may wait for the Fighter.

    • B!

      It’s supposedly going to have an HD display.  That right there is a different spec than the Maxx.

  • I’d trade up the Gnex for this bad boy. Even with the extended battery on the Gnex I have Maxx envy.

    3300 mah battery + ICS = get me one

    • ptm2012

      root your phone and flash a rom, it’ll make all the difference in the world on your battery life. 

  • micirwin

    I am looking at the Droid Razr MAXX, to purchase next week, but heard of this new phone. Will it possibly be a better phone then the Razr MAXX? Will it have a better display, better camera, better processor and the same battery as the MAXX? The question is…Should I wait? Will it be even thinner with the robust battery? How long will I most likely have to wait? And last, does it matter if I upgrade to 4.0 on the MAXX, or have it native on Fighter? Is there a difference and worth waiting for?

    • B!

      I bought the Maxx & loved it (especially coming from the Droid X2).  Then I saw the pic of this with the specs so I returned the Maxx & am in my original Droid until this (hopefully) comes out on the 12th & hopefully packing 4.0. I’d say wait, even though the Maxx was great when I had it.

  • Why the hell are these pictures of upcoming phones always so blurry and vague? I honestly think the same person takes all those pictures. Like, let’s see the back and the sides of the phone. How about turning it on and taking some pictures? Jeez. xD

  • Trace100

    Motorola – Either get off your butt or move on.  I use to be excited about the Fighter…now this phone is old new.