Motorola DROID Bionic update rolling out today with 4G LTE fixes

June 14, 2012

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The Motorola DROID Bionic is in the news again today. While it has received its fair share of updates since being released, and many to try and fix 4G LTE issues, today they've went ahead and started pushing another. We first mentioned it was coming last week, and today it's arriving for users so get ready to hopefully see some improvements.

Sadly this is still not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but while they try and fix a few bugs and issues it is probably preparing the phone for the ICS update that is coming sometime in this third quarter. The changelog is rather small as you can see below. Verizon and Motorola mention data stalls, and 4G LTE as both being fixed or improved so that is a good sign.

Apparently early last week the update was just rolling out to testers, but as of today the public should all be receiving and enjoying this latest update. The Bionic seems to be plagued with 4G LTE problems more than most, so hopefully this finally brings some peace to its owners. As usual you can wait for the update to arrive, or head to Settings>About Phone>System Updates to get it started today. Drop us a comment if you've received the update, and if you've noticed any changes to 4G LTE.

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  • Jody Barnes

    Received the update and notice no changes in 4G.

  • slow joe

    Seems like a pretty big improvement so far.

  • Katie Ulrich

    what is the difference??? I would really prefere ICS!!!!

  • Katie Ulrich

    so is it coming out or not?? I don’t really want to un root or de root…..or root….my phone? I’d rather just get it when it comes but I kinda wanting it now!!

  • fred

    See no change

  • Ed

    Didn’t really notice changes since update. And its still loud and annoying when disconnecting from bluetooth. Loud beep.Ouch still hurts the Eardrum. Give us Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Evil Betty

    Did the new update today. 4G connection appears to be stabilized… finally. Yea! Not holding my breath though.

  • dan

    I updated and it wont let me change to 4g im stuck in 3g wtf

    • Eric

      I have this same issue…

  • alex

    Updated and seem to notice nothing significant in difference so far. But I must say I’ve never experienced any of the issues this patch supposedly fixes. Bionic has been solid.

  • Matt

    It helped my 4G greatly, so improved battery as an effect.

  • MJC

    I’m shocked…they actually seem to have fixed it! I haven’t lost my connection since rhe update.

  • VP

    did the upgrade last night, my phone no longer works!!! text messages do not go through and I can no longer hear unless it is on speaker…

    • Wipe the phone in settings and reset it up. (You’ll lose all apps and such, but could fix the issue)

  • Definitely corrected a recent increase in 4G issues. Raleigh, NC

  • My data connection does not drop but loses connection about every half house. Really annoying

  • skidoo

    Downloading the update now. As others have stated, haven’t had any problems whatsoever with 4G so far. It’s been plenty fast and reliable for a long while now on my Droid, so I’d be surprised if I see any changes.

  • skidoo

    By the way, as for Verizon’s “visual voicemail,” I’ve never used it, because Google Voice is a *FAR* superior product. At least for my purposes, and I imagine for many other folks’.

  • Rupert

    Update failed, when trying to re-download it says up to date?!

  • MsIndep

    UGH!!! Received update on Xoom, Now I cannot watch shows on or

  • Andre

    Hmm.. I’ve had no problem with my Bionic at all since the last update (over a year ago I think).. Hope this one doesn’t break it.. And very dissapointed to hear this is NOT ICS 🙁

    • tbird22tg

      has bot been out a year, 10 mo

  • Steve

    The official Motorola Android Software Upgrade News page currently indicates that the Droid Bionic is now in phase 2 of the ICS development process. Rollout for the Bionic ICS update is scheduled to begin early Q3 2012.

  • moto3

    Im notice that the 4g lte stays solid blue with this update,so thats a improvement lets see if it holds!

  • Nate

    updated around 2am i was using video chat this morning and dropped 4g lte signal with in 5mins of the call was very dissappointed.

    • garrett

      How do you do video chat???

  • hatcher

    I updated early this morning. I am still having issues with data service randomly dropping in and out.

  • ctantbust

    My 4glte still goes in and out since this mornings update.. Also, now my hdmi out doesn’t work at all.. Really sucks since I use that feature all the time.. Hopefully they fix this issue soon

  • Steve

    The official Motorola Android Software Upgrade News page currently indicates
    that the Droid Bionic is now in phase 2 of the ICS development process.
    Rollout for the Bionic ICS update begins in early Q3 2012.

  • Just updated…didn’t notice much. Make sure you have plenty of battery and leave it alone until the eyeball goes away and reg screen comes up.

  • Marissa

    Updated this morning, no improvement! As a matter of fact I think it’s even worse than it was before the update!

    • Keri

      I agree. I’ve had 4g issues for months. My phone goes from 4g to 1x constantly. Got the updated, and it seems WORSE!

    • nate

      Absolutely made things worse! Been having 4g problems for a while and was really excited for ANY update on the bionic, ics or not. However now my phone says 4g but I have no connection at all. Had to manually switch to 3g to write thia

  • Tony C

    Nice review. My Droid Bionic has been inferior to my wires Samsung. Sometimes in our home my Bionic says 3G or less and my wires phone is 5 bars with solid 4G LTE. Hers never fails and mine is fading in and out regularly. Just uploaded the “fix” and lost signal again. Ugh!

  • Lanceroni_123

    ICS is slated for early Q# which is
    July, August, and September. So hopefully early means July. Even without it this has been a solid phone although so much Verizon bloating on it.

  • Honestly, this update sucks. I have my WiFi set up to auto come on when I am in certain places and it takes forever now. I can have full WiFi signal but cant get on the internet.
    It seems like the 4G doesn’t know it is suppose to cut off or
    something. It takes longer now for the 4G to even jump on the the
    network then it did before. I think my 3G setting was quicker. There was
    a new video surfer app or something and I attempted to see what the
    heck it was and it’s broken. It also seems like some link ups are
    broken although these could be the apps themselves but it doesn’t appear
    to have started happening till after this update. I will try cutting my phone off and letting it restart and seeing if maybe that will help. Anyone else having stuff going on?

  • Will

    Got the update and with a certain network boost app and that, I am more happy.

  • hd4mtns

    In Settings, Wi-Fi reads “turning on” and then eventually errors out. Also, the phone will shut down unexpectedly and overall, seems to run more slowly than before the update.

  • cgold

    Ok so it appears google threw in an app that likes to turn itself on when ever it wants to, does anyone else have that problem ?

  • max

    i had no previous problems, but I updated several days ago and now both my Wifi and 4G connection’s are having issues.

  • Klop

    Rooted with Eclipse Rom for over 6 months, and performance is FLAWLESS. Never a random reboot since the Rom, and no 3G or 4G issues.

  • jason

    This update has crewed up my 4g horribly!

  • Mark

    Six hours plus and the download is not complete. Something is wrong here.

  • I guess…… At least, so far, everything still works.

  • DA

    Terrible. 4G quits and phone says no SIM card. Power down phone, pull SIM card and reinstall, power up phone. Works for several hours, then says no SIM card again. Raleigh, NC area. This sucks

  • The update made my LTE unusable. Running only 3g since the update. Tempted
    to fix it with a large hammer. Really pissed off at Verizon.

  • I updated my phone and ever since then, it seems like it re-boots whenever it loses cell signal. Also re-boots randomly throughout the day. I’ll have it in the holster and just hear the phone re-booting, or I’ll pull it out of the holster and hit the power button and it will act like I had the phone off when I didn’t. Is anyone else having these problems?

  • kristen

    The new update has also screwed my 4g up tremendously. It constantly cuts out…im paying $30 for data that I can’t ever use! So upset. They better fix it!!! 🙁

  • raisinghelen

    this update was the worst thing to happen to my phone. i never had problems connecting to the internet via 4g LTE and ever since the update i can probably connect 20% of the time. 🙁 this blows!!! called verizon to ask how to go back to my phone previous firmware and was told to do a factory reset. which does NOTHING! the phone that i loved so much is now about to be chugged at someone.

  • I am unable to get the new updat..when i try manually it says this is not available at this time try again later…i try multiple times a day for at least a month now any ideas whats going on and what i can do

  • kevin l

    No improvement whatsoever on the 4g lte connection. Cant even watch a full youtube video without it cutting out

  • W.

    made my 4g worse. I had to shut it off and now i only use 3g. horrible.

  • why does it list the bionic with out fm, when it does have it. i stumbled across it searching for ics update schedual.

  • Tim

    Worse. Shows full 4g signal but no internet! 🙁

  • Greg

    Still having major issues. Verizon will not even provide any sort of refund or discount for internet. EVERYTIME I go to connect to the internet, the data connection is lost. It will be a long time befor I get another Mororola product and may switch providers.

  • PJ

    I’ve been struggling for a couple months now and decided to search for the problem and found your article. I had no 4G problems UNTIL this update came out. It all started back in June when the phone updated. Now it’s practically an unusable piece of crap! I cannot get 4G about 70% of the time.

  • Alex

    Mine won’t play my music or display pictures after this “update”.