Motorola DROID Bionic and ATRIX 4G suffering “unfixable” power problems? [Updated]

January 26, 2011

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The Motorola DROID Bionic and ATRIX 4G allegedly both suffer from a power management fault that could lead to the smartphones overheating even when idle. According to trusted source kbman at HowardForums, his contacts involved in testing the smartphones claim the issues could affect radio performance among other things.

"The problem has to do with the PMU and causes a variety of issues including severe overheating even while at idle, power fluctuations affecting RF performance and cold boot issues"

More concerning are suggestions that the problem is "unfixable", though another user claiming insider information claims the PMU problem is in fact due to be addressed this week. While no specific evidence has been produced, kbman has a track record of inside Motorola information that is leaving would-be Bionic buyers wary of the new smartphone.

[via Electronista]

Update: Motorola has been in touch to say "there are no overheating issues and the products will ship as scheduled."

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  • joe

    i guess i wont be getting the atrix after all

  • Archathema

    Trying to decide between the verizon iphone and the bionic….apple here I come?


    thats y motorola shouldnt lock the bootloader so people can root there phone and use setcpu guess there plan backfired haha

  • gloria

    “unfixable” is strong language. Maybe not quickly and easily fixed, but surely fixable in some way. I still want an ATRIX and will wait until it’s fixed.

  • Ryan

    I will still buy it, this phone isn’t even out yet. This is their next flagship phone, I doubt it will have this issue at launch.

  • Baerenator

    Noticed it initially but using the juice defender app seems to have solved it. Battery life is good and no overheating.

  • Baerenator

    Also the prior comment is right this is total BS Moto knew this and allowed it anyway. I have similar and other issues on the Xoom. If you are going to charge a premium price then deliver a premium product!

  • Ciston1

    i had to bring back 2 phones already for overheating and they were just in my jacket walking my dog. now this phone speakerphone is greyed out with bluetooth for just useing the headphone jack and yes a hard reset works but anytime i use a pair of headphone i have to hard reset phone last chance atrix may have to move on to a better phone ( but i like the phone o well next hahahahah

  • Askaj757

    My Motorola Atrix is just one week old. This morning it wont turn on; the only thing I see on the face of the phone is a blinking green led every 5 seconds. Besides, the Phone stays noticeably warm all through the day —still warm but will not power up.

    I am going to try to get another one from vendor. How common is this problem?? Is it worth getting another Atrix or go for an iPhone? Pls comment.

    • Mashussein

      Mine is 4 months old. Mild heating at the lower half of the phone after 15-20 min of mail and internet. Got worse when I places a long acting battery (4800 mva) now very noticeable and slows speed down. I would go for an iPhone!

    • Janine

      Get another type of phone, the attrix will drive u crazy!

  • Chris_mistie

    My new ATRIX 4G has been shutting down and will not turn back on. Have to keep taking the battery out to reset. It also shuts itself off and reboots itself all the time. This is the second phone, not getting another. Only had it a week. If it did not have this issue, I would love it. Too bad!!!

  • Janine

    got mine about 4 mths ago, keeps loosing all the contacts when after being on charge, does this about once a week.  Got a replacement phone and new sim but still having problems after charging it and yes it does get really hot!!

  • K Rollins45

    Got my cell two weeks ago having same issue as Chris, shutting off rebooting on it’s own love the phone but driving me crazy.

  • K Rollins45

    Got my cell two weeks ago having same issue as Chris, shutting off rebooting on it’s own love the phone but driving me crazy.

  • K Rollins45

    Got my cell two weeks ago having same issue as Chris, shutting off rebooting on it’s own love the phone but driving me crazy.

  • Gdwn1954

    My Motorola Atrix over heats and shuts down on its own at random.  It’s being doing it for a while now and it drives me crazy. I should have just bought an Iphone.

  • Hddude103

    Had my DB since the release date, nearly two months ago.  No overheating, ever. No random shut downs.  No real anomolies, BUT…  I did have 3G-4G transition issues until they replaced the SIMM card.  Desktop app icons disappear sometimes.  The app is installed, just the SC disappears.  The worse problem I have experienced with the phone is the camera.  Absolutely pitiful.  I have to plan the shot 5-8 seconds ahead.  I absolutely loved my DX and had hoped DB would be a DX on steroids….   sadly, not so

  • Amy

    This phone is an absolute piece of crap…don’t buy it! My husband had his for 4 weeks when it refused to even turn on, sent it for repairs and they refused to honor it saying it had been dropped,,,ironically it was a solder issue (NEVER DROPPED!), but probably overheated!

  • Nicholas_hind

    My Atrix is also a piece of crap, it crashes all the time. When streaming video after about 2 min it overheats, crashes and sometimes switches off. Does my nut in, only got another year to wait to get a new phone think I will go for a samsung smartphone. 

  • I have an Atrix for a few months and I am having power problems. Yesterday, when I went to reach my phone, it was very hot and dead. I was fully charged and it died within a few hours eventhough it wasn’t used. I charged it today, and it did not overheat, but it doesn’t hold a charge well. I am taking it into At&T tomorrow to complain. I also have a problem with the phone. The phone itself is not great.

  • Hemi-guy

    mine just restarts and sometimes says Modem didn’t power up, then freezes. Trying to get it fixed for the 3rd time now…