It’s that time again and those of you rocking the Motorola DROID 2 should have an update hitting your device sometime over the next few days. To start, we’ve heard and seen plenty about the 2.3 Gingerbread update for the DROID 2 Global and after more than a few soak tests and trial updates from as far back as June, today it’s officially rolling out again and should be smooth and ready to rock.

Verizon started the rollout back in September but users experienced a slew of issues and problems and the update was quickly pulled. It has has received a full overhaul and hopefully things will be smoother and easier this time around. The updated info was leaked earlier this month but we now have full details below.

Just like all the recent Motorola 2.3 Gingerbread updates we have a refreshed UI and everything that comes along with Gingerbread. Such as a new user interface, download manager, improved copy/paste, browser stability and speed enhancements and more. Specific to Motorola they’ve fixed some stability and reboot problems, bluetooth connection issues and a slew of small bugs that were affecting some users of the Droid 2 Global. Users should see increased stability and speed, improved battery life and a few pre-loaded new applications such as Google Books, Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, Flash 10.2 and a few others.

Feel free to take the over the air update once it hits your device, or as always you can update manually by going to settings > about phone > and check for updates to pull it down now and enjoy the tasty Gingerbread as soon as possible. Please feel free to drop us comments below if you have any issues as we’d love to hear your thoughts. Full update documents are available in the gallery below.

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[via Verizon]

  •  I wouldn’t touch any update from motorola until it’s been out for at
    least one month. Their updates are garbage and continue to fail.

    • Carol

      Sadly, with my Droid 2 Global I don’t get a choice to update – it just does it without my permission. I used to like my phone but I am seriously thinking of getting an IPhone next. It is a shame that this stuff is forced on us with no control to stop it.

      • Rahulgangani

        Can we update this software in a953 also please tell me fast i am excited to update my milestone 2 please reply

  • Jim

    having horrible issues with the new update, the phone jumps out of the text box as I am trying to sent text messages and goes to the main screen. When I type texts sometimes you cant see what you are typing. It will close some applications in the middle of use. and the phone runs SO SLOW NOW…I loved my Droid 2 Global until this update, now I could throw it against a wall and never miss the phone

    • Norpelc

      I am having the exact same issues! And the browser is ridiculously slow! I went to verizon today to see if they had heard of any ways to fix these issues and they were no help(at first they told me there was no way I had ginerbread on my phone…needless to say it went down hill from there). My battery life is crap! And when I look at the battery usage it says 50% is going to display. I don’t have any shortcuts on it except for the ones that were preloaded there. I hate the new formatting and wish I could change some it to my preferences. I liked the apps button in the center! I want my old droid 2 back!!

    • Glad to know I am not the only one having these issues. I got my update last week, and now EVERYTHING seems to be screwing up.

      After I get my tax money this coming year I am investing in an iPhone or Windows phone.

    • Farfromu626

      I have same issues + an alt key issue… while typing, sometimes the phone pretends i am holding my shortcut keys and so when i type an “L” it will go to calendar, when I type a “B” it will go to my browser… etc… in the middle of a freakin text! Not to mention my keyboard only lights up 25% of the time now…this has to be the worlds worst update

    • Rae25dance

      I am having the same issues as well. My touch screen isn’t responding as well anymore and when i start to text on the keyboard it double types the first letter (super annoying). Wanting to go into Verizon and ask for a different phone. Used to love my phone, now i hate it. I would rather have an iphone at this point, and i am not really a fan or the iphones. Please do something about this, it sounds like a lot of people are unhappy, please your customers or you will lose them!!!!!

    • vc

      I am having all of the same issuses and I want to run my phone over. Browser has slowed down. I cannot input text ANYWHERE with out it forcing me to close out or it closes down itself. That means text, FB, homework, stickey note, calendar and emails. This is my mini computer and I’m so pissed off. Also, my keyboard rarely lights up now. I treat my phone like gold so I know it’s not me causing the problem. I have barely anything on it. Oh and I also get an error message saying, Activity Browser (in application Browser) is not responding. UGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! What do I do?  

      • vc

        After some more research, I found some other guy talking about my same problems. He was told to put his text input on “swype”. It’s working for me so far even though I use the pop out keyboard. I’m happy however, there is no more auto correct so if I mess up a word, I won’t catch it.

  • Burzurk

    i will be throwing my Droid 2 global in the trash and going back to a real business smart phone…. of any other type than motorola, this thing is a joke…  good for kids to surf the internet and play games, but email, calendar, etc… when your business depends on it… total joke

  • Shane1163

    STUPID UPDATES!! It updated automatically without me choosing! I like the looks but there some things I just HATE! like on the bottom before it would change and I could slide over from one side to the other QUICKLY and now that option is no longer there!! I also don’t like that I can’t change the themes! stupid motorola! and that profile thing that comes up sometimes when hitting home.. just annoying how it’s set up! 🙁

  • Lcevolve

    just got back from my 2nd trip to verizon. they are sending me a 3rd phone. My droid 2 retstarts 10-15 times each day when I simply touch the screen. Verizon says not their issue that it is a Gingerbread issue. I say I bought the phone from you…make it work. after an hour of complaining they are sending me a droid 3 so we’ll see if that is any better. if you are under contract you have very few options. Will be getting and Iphone next time around. Instead I tried to by the product that wants to be an iphone and I guess I learned my lesson.

  • Honda8

    I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but I’ve not had a single problem with the new Gingerbread update.  Battery life is increased, apps all work, phone dialer is much better, touchscreen works just fine and I like the new visual effects

  • If you’re experiencing issues with your keyboard, I have a solution.
    Settings > Language & keyboards > Multi-touch keyboard.
    – Disable ‘vibrate on keypress.’
    – Disable ‘next word prediction.’
    – Clear learned words.

    • Justbrian55

      Thank you very much Arett Bytes!  heck ava nuther. !
      My qwerty slide out froze if typed more than one word, and got the, sorry, browser activity..force close alert thang.
      Way cool that worked as so simple. I was having daymares thinking of going to verizon for a fix.
      are x’s and naughts allowed here? 🙂

  • Jasonkoelling

    the droid 2 global has a 1200Mhz processor no 1000 

  • Btone

    After update … no email, misbehaves with Ford Sync, automatically turns back on, flash gone on camera … I’m guessing more that I haven’t found yet. I was told there’s no going back to previous version.  So, I had to buy “TouchDown” for $20.00 to get email.   Many problems not many improvements

  • Crmolnar1

    I have had numerous problems with this “upgrade” as you call it. This phone used to be a good phone, now it is a frustrating piece of crap. Most recently the phone turns itself back on after i turn it off. Battery life is poor now, and it changes icons and setting at will. Had to replace some apps that wouldnt work anymore, some just went away, never to be found. It sucks, get an iphone.

  • LaRinda

    I see that everybody are having a great deal of problems .. The only problem I have is that sometimes it restarts but that’s rare and sometimes I have to restart the phone to make a call or answer a call because I can’t hear the other person. Other than that, the phone is great to me 

  • Vinzodakid158694

    this phone sucks, ive had issues with it from day 1. the phone shuts off by itself, shuts down apps, the battery last about 4 hours and currently, I cant receive texts or hear someone when they call me nor can I speak. FIX THE ISSUES!

  • Vinzodakid158694

    this phone sucks, ive had issues with it from day 1. the phone shuts off by itself, shuts down apps, the battery last about 4 hours and currently, I cant receive texts or hear someone when they call me nor can I speak. FIX THE ISSUES!

  • Rkd07

    i have the droid 2 global and everytime i try to update it says check for update not available at this time… anyone know how fix this cause i really want the new update

    • Dffarr

      I unchecked the option to disable “Sync over Wi-Fi only” … now it just spins on “Checking for available update. Please wait …”

  • I’ve been having troubles since the update where my phone just doesn’t work…I try to unlock the screen if messes up and i have to shut down the screen then turn it back on and try again. Then if i get passed the unlocking of my phone it starts opening stuff like text and app and starts texting random letters by itself..its literally un-operable and I’m ready to throw it at a wall b/c i can’t use it which isn’t helpful to me!

  • Zeandria

    I hate this update. It has ruined my phone. It hangs up calls, sometimes I can’t hear or be heard. It removes icons and apps. Touch is much less responsive. Everything is slower. And I basically have to keep it on charger. Boo, hiss.

  • Painthemad

    i am having all thoes problems and i have not even updated yet. it is not gb, but the phone itself

  • If you had not received the Droid2 Global Gingerbread update yet,
    then don’t expect to see it for the next week or so.  The Moto team,
    along with soak test members, have discovered a Microsoft Exchange
    encryption issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Penguinluva28

    I have so many problems since the software update. Now I can’t even use either of the keyboards for texting because my phone freezes and will not let me continue to type for more than one word.  I even took it to the store for a systme reboot and the same thing happened within a week and now my phone randomly shuts off or the menu lights dont turn on. I would advise to not use this update. My sister has the same phone and her screen turned black and her phone stopped working after the update. Our phones were fine before this, this is ridiculous!

  • Unhappy Droid User

    “Gingerbread” is anything but “tasty”. It could, in fact, be the worst update ever. I absolutely loved my phone, which used to work just fine before this disaster of an update installed itself. Now my phone is barely functional most of the time. It constantly freezes when I am using it. Many times I am unable to unlock my phone, answer a phone call (or hang up if the answering part is successful), or even turn on my screen. I feel like I have a very expensive paperweight…. 

  • :>(

    I am convinced that the so-called update is to force us to purchase a new-an-improved phone.  Amazing how we are all experiencing the same issues but, it has not been properly addressed.  I use my DROID for my business so, they have me between a rock and a hard place. 

  • Kay

    sooooo mad right now!  after multiple trips over the last few months and several calls to Verizon disputing my phone going over on my usage, I find out today that the overage is because the apps running in the background on my phone use 159 bites per month and my plan only covers 150!  I have had this plan since I bought the phone over 18 mths ago and had NO problems until this last update.  My only options are to turn off everything and manually turn on access for the net when I want it.  Just so wrong and I can tell you that Motorola will not be in this house once this contract expires and we can get our new phones.  I cannot justify an extra $720/year for the unlimited access for two phones…..that is just ridiculous.