Motorola Backflip Update to Android 2.1 Begins November 9th

November 4, 2010

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The wait for Android 2.1 on the Motorola Backflip has been a long, arduous one for those who purchased the phone, but it looks like the wait is finally over. Thanks to an internal AT&T document, we can now comfortably confirm that the Over the Air update to Android 2.1 for the Android-based handset is on its way, and soon.

The document shows that the update process actually began on November 3rd, when 1,000 "lucky" Backflip owners were chosen via the Motorola forums to test out the Android 2.1 update before the official launch. If you weren't selected to test the update, then you'll have to wait until November 9th, when the update will become available "in all markets." According to some early testers, the update makes the device a lot snappier, which should make plenty of owners happy. If you were lucky enough to be included, let us know how the update is going for you.

[via PhoneDog]

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  • Merryck

    I have the 2.1 update on my Backflip. I don’t think the upgrade did much, but the apps are better. For instance I used to get a lot of butt dialling, but now hardly any.

    My screen still locks up and there are calls that I cannot answer and calls that I cannot end. I wind up pulling the battey out 1 -2 times a day to fix this.

    I am sorely dissapointed at the backflip. As a phone it sucks and as a smart phone it really seems to be laggy and takes up a lot of time waiting and dealing with problems.

    I had high hopes as I really liked the form factor but am now officialy giving up on the phone!

    • Tpingilley

      It really sounds like you have a defective device. I have used the Backflip for almost a year and have not once removed the battery and have never had calls that I cannot answer. When my phone seems to ‘lag’ I will turn it off and on and that solves this issue. This device is like a mini-computer and just needs to be ‘restarted’ every now and then.