Motorola has recently posted a new image over on Facebook. You can see that image here in the post, but the long and short — they appear to have put the Droid RAZR HD up against the Galaxy S3. Of course, having seen previous sales reports for the Galaxy S3, it becomes a bit easier to understand why Motorola choose this particular handset.

Anyway, the image sort of speaks for itself, showing the Droid RAZR HD with a downloaded and installed version of Angry Birds Rio while the Galaxy S3 is still downloading. And looking further in, both handsets are running on Verizon 4G LTE, however they managed to capture the Droid RAZR HD showing full bars.

Then there is the comment — 49 percent faster download speeds compared to the Galaxy S3. Motorola did not go into any specifics about the testing, however a click on the link takes us deeper into the comparisons. For example, Motorola comments that the RAZR HD has 20 percent more battery life (up to 24 hours for the RAZR HD). Sure, this makes sense considering the RAZR HD has a 3,300 mAh battery while the Galaxy has a 2,100 mAh battery. What Motorola failed to mention though, the RAZR HD having a larger battery life is good because, unlike the Galaxy, the battery in the RAZR HD is non-removable.

Moving away from the faster downloads and the longer battery life, Motorola also took aim at the overall durability and highlighted the Kevlar coating and water-repellent nanocoating that you will find on the RAZR HD. All said and done, both handsets have some good points and some bad points. The one thing that seems clear here, the Galaxy S3 must be a pretty hot device considering Motorola has decided to go public with such a campaign.

[via Facebook]

  • Weak, Motorola…

  • Brian

    The Motorola HD actually only has a 2500 mAh battery. The MAXX has the 3300 mAh and give it’s owners 32 hrs of battery life….

  • gmaninvan

    As much as I hate slander campaigns and I am disappointed that Motorola would pull what you would expect of Samsung and Microsoft, I have to say that the Razr is a nicer phone, build quality wise, than the S3. The combination of Metal and Kevlar is very unique and innovative. It is too bad that they don’t spend as much on marketing or it is possible this could be a hugely successful product. The other problem is that, as much as I like it, I can’t see women feeling the same way. This is a very masculine looking phone. If Motorola wants to capture market share, they will need more unisex designs going forward.

  • Fugly devices motorola has.